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Brasserie Les Saveurs Night Shot
by: Top 10 of Asia

Top 10 High-End Restaurants in Singapore

Singapore is known as one of the major food hubs of Asia with its influences coming from a wide range...
Lee Teng
by: Top 10 of Asia

Male TV Hosts In Southeast Asia – The Top 10

Finding the right person to host a TV show is challenging, even more so nowadays as the entertainment industry has...
by: Top 10 of Asia


Medical Director of M.A.C. Clinic (formerly Malaysian Aesthetic Clinic), Dr. Hew Yin Keat is one of the pioneers in aesthetic...
by: Top 10 of Asia

Social Media Influencers in Indonesia – The Top 10

Social media is such a powerful tool in this era that it has become a global phenomenon. Engaging content created...
by: Top 10 of Asia

Determined Leader Making A Change

“Many leaders promise, we deliver” are encouraging words that Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum lives by. He is the...
Choncharoen Chiaravanont - 4) Charoen Pokphand Group - Chearavanont family (Thailand)
by: Top 10 of Asia

Top 10 Richest Family-Owned Businesses In Asia

When most of us think of rich families, celebrities and big names in the entertainment industry come to mind but...
Top Nations in Asia – A Survey on Asian Countries - hong kong
by: Top 10 of Asia

Top Nations in Asia – A Survey on Asian Countries

The diverse continent of Asia is certainly thriving in many aspects as globalization has increased rapidly in this part of...
The exchange of gifts between H.E. Rusdi Kirana and Dato’ R. Rajendran (CEO of Top 10)


Recently, “Top 10” had the privilege of meeting up with Rusdi Kirana the founder of Indonesia’s largest budget airline Lion...
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