WGSN Reveals The Top Trends For 2022

by | Feb 4, 2022 | Business | 0 comments

Flying taxis, fermented beauty and direct-to-avatar commerce will shape 2022 and the years to come.

WGSN, the global authority on trend forecasting releases the top trends in consumer behaviour and product development for 2022 and beyond. Informed by WGSN’s unique methodology, the top trends reveal the future of tomorrow, today.

“WGSN’s research methodology allows us to identify the signals of change and evaluate, verify and forecast the trends that will impact the immediate and long-term future of industries,” says Lisa White, WGSN Creative Director & Director of Interiors. “We don’t just track the past and extrapolate it into the future, we actively forecast future influences on the consumer, product design and trading, all through a sustainable lens.”

The top trends for 2022 are:

  • Direct-to-avatar commerce – The age of the avatar has begun, and our avatars need something to wear. Enter direct-to-avatar commerce or D2A, a new retail model that offers brands an additional revenue stream, selling and designing directly for the avatar.
  • Flying taxis – Not just a sci-fi movie trope, flying taxis, more commonly known as autonomous urban air mobility (UAM), are emerging thanks to advancements in technology. Ongoing traffic congestion in urban areas and Covid-19 disruptions are also driving this trend, as the need for more personal and private forms of transportation rises.
  • Fermented beauty – Driven by Korean and Japanese markets, the desire for potent ingredients that last longer is driving interest in fermented beauty – aka kombucha for the skin. These naturally occurring bacterias prolong the shelf life of formulas, appealing to both the sustainably-minded and value-focused consumer.
  • Crypto rewards – The retail landscape is becoming more fragmented and customer loyalty is harder than ever to win, especially among Gen Z. Enter crypto rewards, bridging the gap between traditional loyalty systems and the booming cryptocurrency market.
  • Koji – Japan’s ‘national fungus‘ koji will step into the spotlight in 2022. The highly versatile ingredient has been popular in Japan and with global chefs – but now, koji’s ability to enhance food and drink flavours and also replace sodium is playing a starring role in plant-based meat.
  • Waterless washing – Product innovations will help reduce water usage and offer hygiene solutions to the one in 10 people worldwide unable to access clean water. An evolution of waterless beauty and BYOW (bring your own water) products, waterless washing products need no water and are part of the new hygiene approach.
  • Bast fibres – Bast fibre crops are set to grow as the fashion industry looks to diversify away from cotton. This fibre group, which includes, flax (linen), hemp, ramie and jute, supports renewable agricultural practices that can help the soil capture carbon.
  • Tufted textures – The crafting boom has seen an explosion of tufted textures, a technique generally used in quilting or upholstery where fabric is secured to some sort of backing by either pulling threads through at regular intervals or attaching buttons. The trend links to the unique, expressive design statements that Millennials and Gen Z consumers are looking for.
  • Wearable Temperature Control – Designers are beginning to integrate technology, such as climate control, into daily, wearable items. For performance and athletics, brands are designing products that reduce body heat so that wearers can maintain comfortable temperatures while exercising.
  • Baijiu – The world’s most consumed spirit, outselling whisky, vodka, gin, rum and tequila (combined), yet many may never have heard of Chinese baijiu. Now, it’s moving beyond China to delight drinkers across the globe.
  • Indoor trees – Taking plant parenting and biophilic design to the next level, in 2022 more people will want to bring nature indoors by growing a tree in their homes, or at least on their balcony.
  • The rash vest – The rush to embrace outdoor lifestyles, aka the outdoor boom, means consumers are extending their ventures across seasons, with warmer performance layers for surf, beach and bike days becoming essential.
  • Orchid Flower – Forecasted in partnership with our sister brand Coloro as the pandemic was unfolding, this intense magenta captures a vivacious appetite for joy and positivity. Its hyper-real nature makes our Colour of 2022 appealing in both real-life and digital applications and it will resonate within digital fashion, gaming and virtual environments.