Beauty is well sought after by many individuals. In general, everyone yearns to be aesthetically appealing. In this issue, Top 10 of Asia shares its random list of top 10 Thai Aesthetic institutions that have succeeded in turning the dreams of beautifying people into reality. These big institutions provide world-class services equipped with the skills and professionalism of talented and experienced doctors, customer-friendly staff and also various surgical services related to the beauty enhancement of body features catered specifically for every client’s preference.

Nirunda International Aesthetic Clinic

Led by the clinic’s President, Dr Krittiporn Pengsuk, and Medical Director, Dr Vorachai Chuenchompoonut, Nirunda International Aesthetic Clinic provides the most innovative technology with the most up-to-date knowledge for superior quality service. The clinic ushers in a new age of aesthetic medicine and its experienced board-certified physicians are fully qualified in all cosmetic procedures, including aesthetic dermatology, facial design surgery, cell-assisted lipotransfer, breast surgery, body surgery and sex reassignment surgery. Nirunda’s clinical facility comprises two operation rooms, an admission room, seven treatment rooms and a cell processing unit. Additionally, its international receptionist team is experienced in meeting the cultural needs of overseas clients and communicating in foreign languages such as English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Bahasa and French.

Metro Bangkok Clinic

Metro Bangkok Clinic is one of the leading beauty design centers in Thailand that offers the safest and best-performing technologies which are approved by both local and United States’ Food and Drug Administration. Its aesthetic procedures have produced satisfying results as its clients looked and felt better physically after surgical procedures. Metro Bangkok Clinic is a VIP Class aesthetic center with individual tracking systems for customized treatments. It also allows quality reports and follow-ups for its doctors’ convenience and efficiency.

Revival Clinic

Founded by Dr Chontirot Srikasedsarakul, Revival Clinic sets its clinic in a tranquil environment in order to deliver a bespoke experience that is unique for every client. The clinic caters to each client’s specific request to provide satisfactory personalised services. Revival Clinic’s wide range of aesthetic treatments including surgical treatments are non-invasive and its services specialises in a holistic approach to health, well-being and beauty. Its professionally trained staff prioritises patients’ comfort and privacy while its founder plans personalised protocols and combines medicine, laser treatments, nutrition and other anti-aging procedures to ensure all patients receive the best aesthetic treatment results.

Lotus Medical International

Lotus Medical International is led by Grainne Farrell and it has been providing high quality cosmetic surgery in Thailand since 2007. Known as one of the most experienced aesthetic providers in the market place, Lotus Medical has an unequivocal focus on the standard of the surgeons and hospitals that it works with. Its services encompass dental surgery, cosmetic surgery, and plastic surgery procedures. It also provides its clients with full support by way of a dedicated English-speaking nurse to support them throughout their aesthetic surgery experience.

Asia Cosmetic Hospital

Headed by Principal Plastic Surgeon, Dr Tanongsak Panyawirunroj, Asia Cosmetic Hospital is one of the most well-known plastic surgery hospitals in Thailand with a Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation. Its hospital is equipped with modernised medical equipment and professional staff that assist in providing a comfortable hospital service to all clients. The hospital’s well-qualified cardiologist, anesthesiologist and a team of specialists in the medical field work together to ensure that aesthetic surgeries go smoothly and are safe for all clients. Its plastic surgeons are accredited by the Association of Plastic Surgeons in world class standards such as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Prinya Plastic Surgery and Laser Centre

Founded by Associate Prof Dr Prinya Soontrapornchai, Prinya Plastic Surgery and Laser Centre provides a comprehensive approach to plastic surgery and skin health that are specifically tailored to the needs of every client at reasonable prices. All lasers, electro-cautery and liposuction machines are approved by the United States’ Food and Drug Administration. Its medical equipment and devices are sterilized using autoclave and ethylene oxide to prevent infection. Among its services include nose and chin implants, V-beam laser for correction of freckle and pigmentation, liposuction and tummy tuck.

Yanhee Hospital

Founded by Dr Supot Sumritvanitcha, Yanhee Hospital has multi-specialty treatment centers in plastic surgery and general medicine to aid in the growing health needs of Thailand’s and international communities. Its beauty treatments and plastic surgeries are incorporated into a framework of a 400-bed medically licensed institution to assure that clients are provided with the highest quality medical services. Yanhee offers a wide range of cosmetic, plastic surgery, and various other medical services such as facelifts, tummy-tuck procedures, liposuctions, botox injections, dental whitening, facial treatments, hair transplants, obstetrics and pediatrics. It has an international clientele from around 162 countries.

Thai Medical Vacation

Founded by John Baxter in 2008, Thai Medical Vacation is a private healthcare administrator in Thailand that offers premium quality elective medical treatments in cities such as Samui, Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai and Pattaya. The clinic provides affordable and high quality services such as wellness related therapies and dental related services. Its entire medical staff is Board Certified Doctors at internationally accredited hospitals, radiology diagnostic labs and private medical centers. Thai Medical provides over 245 different kinds of cosmetic surgeries and over 90 alternative medical therapies.


Dermaster is Thailand’s premier wellness and aesthetic institute providing personalised services with four branches in Bangkok, Thailand. It has served around more than 5,000 clients and its aesthetic enhancement services range from plastic surgery, aesthetic, body slimming to hair transplantation procedures with highly developed medical technology and patient-oriented medical services. The institution’s luxurious state-of-the-art facilities are divided into 5 private beauty centers which include the plastic surgery centre, hair restoration and transplantation centre, skin laser and aesthetic centre plus body slimming center.

Bangkok Plastic Surgery

Helmed by board certified surgeon, Dr Pichet Rodchareon, Bangkok Plastic Surgery provides professional aesthetic services such as liposuction surgery, facial plastic surgery, rhinoplasty surgery, double eyelid surgery, facial feminisation surgery, hair transplant surgery, face lift surgery and lip augmentation surgery. Dr Pichet has performed more than 3,000 professional and satisfactory aesthetic surgical procedures on international and local clients.



In this modern digital age, the fintech industry has been expanding and its services are high in demand as many companies and individuals require the convenience of accessing and managing their finances through online applications. In this issue, Top 10 of Asia shares its list, in random order,  of the top 10 Singaporean fintech startups that have flourished in Singapore and successfully gained recognition through their products and services introduced to Singaporeans and also customers abroad. 


Aspire is founded by Andrea Baronchelli in 2018 and the company is one of the leading SME NeoBank in SouthEast Asia. Known as the trade name for Aspire Financial Technologies Pte Ltd, it is a fully owned subsidiary of Aspire Financial Technologies Holdings Inc, a Delaware (US) Corporation. Aspire provides SMEs with business accounts that contain fast and simple access to instant credit limit that solve daily capital needs and has over 1,000 clients worldwide. Aspire is serving a new generation of digital savvy businesses in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Singapore. Aspire’s flagship product, AspireAccount enables SMEs to use the credit limit for daily expenses plus virtual B2B payment and other tools to help SMEs manage their cash flow.


Founded by Val Yap, PolicyPal is a digital financial planner that provides its clients with their preferred insurance policies. Clients are able to compare insurance coverages from all PolicyPal providers and also enjoy exclusive rebates on insurance premiums plus also manage all portfolio in a single platform. PolicyPal provides a wide range of insurance products such as endowment or savings insurance, whole life insurance, critical illness insurance, travel insurance and health insurance.

Validus Capital

Founded by Ajit Raikar in 2015, Validus Capital is the one of the largest online lending marketplaces in Singapore that focuses on SME lending via funds from high-net-worth individual investors and institutions. These include family offices and hedge funds. Validus has aggregated over 15,000 loans to growing SMEs in ASEAN. Validus is an award-winning fintech company that uses data analytics and artificial intelligence to drive growth financing to SMEs in the region. The company is also present in Indonesia and Vietnam.


CredoLab was established by Peter Barcak in 2016. The company is backed by Fintonia Group, FORUM, and Walden International. It develops bank-grade digital scorecards for banks, consumer finance companies, auto lenders, online and mobile lenders, insurance companies and retailers from the best alternative data source – the smartphone device metadata. CredoLab has provided loans for over 10 million applicants and it has more than 63 lending partners. Its AI-based algorithm consists of over 18 million features from opt-in smartphone metadata and the ability to search for the most predictive behavioural patterns before converting them into credit scores.


Founded by Caecilia Chu in 2018, YouTrip is a regional financial technology startup that creates the best mobile financial services for travellers by simplifying overseas spending and creating a fuss-free travel experience. Its mission is to assist people across Southeast Asia in managing their money in an easier but smarter way. YouTrip is also the first Singapore-based firm to secure a Principal License from Mastercard and it is now a direct issuer of the YouTrip Prepaid Mastercard in Singapore. Besides, it also worked with Kasikornbank, Thailand’s leading consumer bank, to launch a partnership in Thailand. The company has over 500,000 mobile application downloads and processed over 10 million transactions.


Established by Ned Phillips, Bambu is one of the global leaders in digital wealth technology and also a global robo-advisor technology provider. The company utilises application programming interface and Software as a service (SaaS) platforms to deliver the best services to users. Its services include the “White-Label Robo”, a platform for all financial institutions to offer robo-advisory to clients and the “Intelligent Advisor”, a proprietary algorithm ranking tool for relationship managers to improve customers’ experience. Leading financial institutions worldwide have adopted Bambu’s technology that enables wealth management to be accessible digitally with convenience.


FundedHere was established by Daniel Lin and it is Singapore’s first Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS-licensed equity) and debt crowdfunding platform that aspires to create a robust start-up ecosystem by connecting the most promising businesses to strategic investors. FundedHere organises 30-day campaigns for start-ups in order to provide accredited, professional, and institutional investors with diversification opportunities. To date, it has raised millions and has held around 29 campaigns.

Spark Systems

Founded by Wong Joo Seng, Ye Ting Song and Jason Wang, Spark Systems provides trading platforms and expert solutions for clients to meet the foreign exchange pricing and platform requirements. The company is founded on the principles of precise trading, market transparency and growth. It provides cutting-edge technology for high-speed trading and reduced trading costs.


Stashaway was founded by Michele Ferrario, Freddy Lim and Nino Ulsamer in 2016.  It is a digital wealth management platform for both retail and accredited investors. Stashaway’s technology delivers automated, personalised portfolio management for each client’s individual portfolios. Its risk-management investment strategy, ERAA® (Economic Regime-based Asset Allocation) is designed to maximise clients’ long-term returns while keeping each individual customer’s specific risk exposure constant through changing economic cycles. It has a Capital Market Services License for Retail Fund Management from the Monetary Authority of Singapore, and a Capital Market Services License for Retail Fund Management from Securities Commission Malaysia.


Established by Akshay Garg, Alie Tan and Umang Rustagi, FinAccel is a financial technology company that creates meaningful products in retail credit for Southeast Asia. It has two famous products namely, Kredivo, an all-digital instant credit card for ecommerce purchases and Lime, a personal financial management application. Lime is a personal financial management application that shows clients their budgets and expenditures thus enabling them to achieve their financial management goals.z



Millennials continue to make their presence felt in the modern business world and startup businesses are ubiquitous. In this issue, Top 10 of Asia shares its random list of top 10 new generation Malaysian businessmen to watch in the year 2020. Besides appearing on the Forbes’ listing, these award-winning young and innovative entrepreneurs from various industries have introduced modern services and products that are greatly favoured by customers. Their services have also brought convenience to customers, benefitted society and also the environment.        

Aaron Patel

Aaron Patel is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of iHandal Energy Solutions Sdn Bhd. The company is a turn-key thermal engineering solutions provider that processes and recovers waste energy from a client and returns it as a useful output that is more efficient and effective. To date, the iHandal system counts established multinational corporations from the hospitality, healthcare and industrial sectors as trusted and long-term partners. Patel and his team have completed over 120 projects across 7 countries in ASEAN. Over 70% of hospitality chains in Malaysia are adopting iHandal’s energy system.

Jin Xi Cheong

Jin Xi Cheong is the founder of Poladrone Solutions Sdn Bhd. Poladrone aims to expand the use of drone technology in commercial industries. It uses drones to boost efficiency on Malaysian palm oil plantations and crop farms. Established in 2016, Poladrone provides solutions for businesses by using innovative and progressive technology for complicated operations. The drones are specialised in aerial mapping, precision mapping and infrastructure inspection. Among the company’s services are 2D/3D mapping, aerial spraying, crop health detection, visual inspection, thermal inspection and surveillance. Poladrone also has an overseas branch in Thailand.

Tan Yong Meng

Founder of Build Easy Sdn Bhd, Tan Yong Meng reshapes the future of property ownership by providing an online platform offering trustworthy and affordable choices via machine learning. Build Easy’s O2O (online to offline) covers the entire value chain for property buyers who wish to invest in South East Asia. The company currently has operations in Malaysia and Vietnam, serving clients from over 10 different countries. Besides, it also uses state-of-the-art technology such as virtual reality, augmented reality plus projection mapping and hologram, providing an immersive and interactive experience to clients.

Vinesh Sinha

Vinesh Sinha is the founder of FatHopes Energy Sdn Bhd, an award-winning company with the primary focus of developing sustainable fats, oils and grease solutions for advanced biofuel production. The company is known to be a reliable supplier of ready-to-use biofuels and also biofuels feedstock to markets globally. The company makes large deployments of timely and efficient waste oil collection services throughout areas with waste oil. FatHopes is also a regular supplier to many oil and gas companies locally and internationally.

Ammar Roslizar & Ammar Shahrin

ARBA Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd was founded by Ammar Roslizar and Ammar Shahrin in 2014. The company has branches in Kuala Lumpur, Sabah and Korea. ARBA Travel focuses in Halal Tourism and it provides a wonderful travel experience to 13 countries overseas and also locally at places such as Sabah, Sarawak, Pulau Perhentian, Pulau Redang and Pulau Langkawi. Every package is customised specially for each of its clients. ARBA Travel is one of the fastest growing travel companies with over 50 full-time staff.

Terence Lee

Terence Lee established Chance Holding Sdn Bhd in 2017 and the company specialises in food and beverages. It produces various food and beverage brands to be sold in Malaysia. One of its famous brands is Chatto, a handcrafted tea bar with 40 outlets nationwide. The first international outlets will be opened in Brunei and Australia this year. Chatto serves a variety of tea base beverages that are brewed by using premium quality and organic tea leaves which are imported from Japan, Taiwan and China.

Andy Lim

Andy Lim founded IBPO Group Sdn Bhd in 2013 that is now an award-winning financial advisory service provider that offers strategic business consultancy services. Its services include loans, general insurance and investment consultancy in stocks and properties. IBPO has 4 branches locally and a branch overseas at Hong Kong with a staff force of over 60. The company has also established subsidiaries which are IBPO Capital Limited in Hong Kong, IBPO Property Sdn Bhd, IBPO Insurance and IBPO Academy.

Eric Cheng

Eric Cheng founded Carsome Sdn Bhd and it is currently one of Southeast Asia’s fastest growing online car sales platform that connects customers to used car dealers nationwide. Carsome facilitates the process of car selling from the stage of inspection, valuation, bidding, payment and logistics. This enables its customers to sell their cars within 24 hours. The company has around 14 branches locally and also branches overseas at countries such as Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia. It has around 1,800 dealers in Malaysia.

Jeffri Cheong & Choong Fui-Yu

Jeffri Cheong and Choong Fui-Yu established Kaodim Sdn Bhd in 2014. Through their web and mobile platforms, Kaodim helps users hire the right service providers. Users would only need to answer a few simple questions and the company would match them with qualified service providers who are capable of doing a professional job. Besides, users can also compare prices, view profiles and go through reviews to search for their preferable service provider. The company also provides the Kaodim User App that helps users connect with service providers and the Kaodim Pro App that helps service providers connect with users. Kaodim has branches overseas in countries such as Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia.

Jan Wong

OM Connect Sdn Bhd was established by Jan Wong and the company specialises in digital marketing, training and consultancy, data analytics and tech development. Also known as OpenMinds, the company tailors programmes to aid clients to discover their digital strategies through data analytics and customises tech solutions such as getting solutions from websites, mobile applications, machine learning, blockchain technologies, chatbots and even virtual reality. The company has worked with various brands from different industries and has been featured on BFM (The Business Station), TEDx, Techstars, National University of Singapore and Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre.



The millennial generation is certainly creative and tech-savvy. With the world revolving around technology, especially the large-scale usage of mobile phone applications, many young entrepreneurs have built their business foundation on digital applications and their customer-base has grown tremendously. Here, Top 10 of Asia takes a brief look at its list of top 10 young and inspiring Indonesian entrepreneurs (presented in random order) who are listed in Forbes and also well-known locally in Indonesia for their business success, innovativeness and also capability in garnering millions of customers locally and internationally.

Yohanes Sugihtononugroho

Yohanes Sugihtononugroho founded CROWDE, a peer-to-peer lending platform that enables farmers to raise their working capital from a crowd-lender with various schemes. CROWDE aims big to increase farmer’s welfare by empowering farmers to be agropreneurs, creating an efficient agriculture ecosystem, and be the trusted crowd-lending platform with the spirit of mutual cooperation. CROWDE empowers the farmers to understand the market better, give proper education to the ones who need understanding, and become the platform for the crowd to trust the farmers’ effort with various schemes with the spirit of mutual cooperation.

Reynold Wijaya

Reynold Wijaya established Modalku in 2016, a peer-to-peer lending platform in Indonesia. Modalku digitally connects ‘underserved’ yet creditworthy ministry of micro, small and medium enterprises in Southeast Asia with both retail and institutional lenders. Its business model enables small businesses to receive working capital financing for business growth with no collateral requirements. The platform also operates in Singapore and Malaysia. Modalku is currently registered and licensed by Financial Services Authority as provider of information technology-based lending services.

Gitta Amelia

Gitta Amelia is the founder of EverHaus, a company specialising in venture capital and it was established in 2017. EverHuas focuses on early stage investments. It became well-known after starting operation over the course of one year. The company invested in over 20 companies in Indonesia and all over Southeast Asia. It has assisted each of these companies to raise millions of dollars. Besides owning a venture capital company, Gitta also recently launched her own beauty brand called Secondate Beauty and thousands of the products were sold since the launch of her website.

Ferry Unardi

Ferry Unardi founded Traveloka, one of Southeast Asia’s online travel companies that offers a variety of travel needs under one platform such as selection of flights, hotels, trains, flight and hotel packages, attractions and activities, airport transports and buses. It has established partnerships with more than 100 international and domestic airlines. Traveloka also has the largest direct accommodation inventory that includes hotels, apartments, guest houses, homestays, villas and resorts. The company also provides more than 40 payment options for customers in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and the Philippines. The Traveloka mobile application is one of the most popular travel booking applications and it has been downloaded more than 30 million times.

Adamas Belva Devara and Iman Usman

Adamas Belva Devara and Iman Usman founded Ruangguru in 2014 and the company is a limited liability company engaged in the field of non-formal education which is established based on Indonesia’s applicable laws. It is the largest technology company in Indonesia that focuses on education-based services and the company provides a learning application that is well-known and utilised by more than 15,000 students and 300 teachers in Indonesia. The application enables students to learn through virtual classes, online exam platforms, subscriptions learning videos, private tutoring markets and other educational content that can be accessed through the web and Ruangguru applications.

Amanda Cole

Amanda Cole founded Sayurbox after quitting her job to set up her own farm. Sayurbox assists farmers to skip going to middlemen so they could enjoy fairer pricing for their goods. The company is a farm-to-table sourcing and distribution platform for fresh produce such as vegetables and fruit. Customers’ orders are delivered straight to farmers and there will be a 24-hour delivery time after harvest. It partners with 300 farms, serves more than 50,000 customers and makes 1,000 deliveries a day.

William Utomo and Winston Utomo

William Utomo and Winston Utomo are the founders of IDN Media and the company has over 250 staff. IDN is one of the leading media-tech and content platform companies and it was established in 2014. The company focuses on Indonesia’s millennials and Gen Z audience. It operates IDN Times,,, Yummy (a creative digital agency), IDN Creative (an event agency), IDN Event (a creator marketing agency) and IDN Creator Network. Majority of IDN’s readers access its content via mobile and it has over 50 million readers monthly.

Tyovan Ari Widagdo

Tyovan Ari Widagdo is multi-award-winning Indonesian entrepreneur who established Bahaso in 2015 and the company provides learning services to people who want to learn foreign languages ​​in a more flexible way. Users are able to learn interactively online through audio and video. Bahaso provides online language classes with an exciting and flexible tutoring program through applications, websites, and messenger chats with quality tutors and it has over 100,000 users. He also founded Vemobo, a company that focuses on information technology.

Fransiska Hadiwidjana

Fransiska Hadiwidjana established Prelo, a company specialising in mobile e-commerce and it focuses on using environmentally-friendly technology. Its platform allows users to sell or rent-out their second-hand items. The majority of goods sold are fashion and cosmetics. Soon after, Prelo started selling other items such as gadgets and books. In addition, Prelo also provides private and rental services. Fransiska is also the co-founder of AugMI labs, an award-winning biomedical startup in Silicon Valley.

Hendra Kwik, Jefriyanto and Ricky Winata

Hendra Kwik, Jefriyanto and Ricky Winata are the founders of PT Payfazz Teknologi Nusantara, a financial technology development company which was established in 2016. Better known as PAYFAZZ, this technology company is an agency-based financial platform for people who do not own bank accounts. PAYFAZZ uses a security system in the form of GeoTrust SSL, User ID and Password to ensure its customers’ details are secured. It works with partners in Indonesia such as banks, Payment Point Online Bank providers, e-commerce companies, credit selling agents and other financial institutions. PAYFAZZ has served around 10 million customers and is the first Indonesian company to make it into the Y Combinator, a seed accelerator in the United States.



From food to fashion, Malaysia has numerous homegrown retail brands that are well-known locally while some brands even expanded their outlets overseas. Malaysia has famous retail brands that were established many years ago while some are relatively new. In this issue, Top 10 of Malaysia takes a look at its list of the top ten power retail brands that were established locally in the 1990s to late 2000s. These brands are current go-to-places for Malaysians who need to shop for groceries, essentials, clothing, shoes, beauty products or to even enjoy a mouth-watering meal or indulge in a refreshing beverage.            

Secret Recipe

Founded by Datuk Steven Sim in 1997, Secret Recipe Cakes & Café Sdn Bhd is one of Malaysia’s largest café chain with more than 440 outlets in Malaysia and across Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Brunei, Maldives and Bangladesh. Secret Recipe offers a casual dining concept with a wide range of gourmet cakes and an extensive menu of Western and Asian cuisines and desserts. Its cafes are located in urban locations and shopping malls in major cities and it provides a modern contemporary and vibrant interior concept for diners.

KK Supermart

KK Supermart is an award-winning retail brand registered under KK Supermart & Superstore Sdn Bhd. It was established by Datuk Seri Dr KK Chai in 2001 under his parent company, KK Group of Companies. As a flagship business of KK Group, it has now expanded to nearly 300 units of retailing outlets in Malaysia, mainly in the Klang Valley, Putrajaya, Cyberjaya, KLIA2, Malacca, Seremban and also across Nepal and India. KK Supermart is known as a modernised mom-and-pop store that provides 24 hours convenience service to Malaysians for their daily essentials.


Founded by Hiro Tan in 1998 under Rotiboy Bakeshoppe Sdn Bhd, Roti Boy now has 18 stores in Malaysia, 35 stores in Indonesia and 150 stores in South Korea. It is famous for its Rotiboy bun, which is a generic name for Mexican buns. Other than buns, Roti Boy also sells breads, sandwiches, puffs and pastries, muffins, cakes, beverages and light meals such as fresh cut gourmet sandwiches, mushroom soup, salads, toast and eggs while at Korea, Roti Boy sells buns, coffee and ice-cream.


Tealive is founded by Bryan Loo under his company, Loob Holding Sdn Bhd. Tealive was established in 2017 and it has over 150 outlets all throughout Malaysia and an outlet in the United Kingdom. Tealive offers a variety of drinks such as tea, coco, coffee, smoothies, sea salt cheese, matcha, fruit tea and sparkling juice. Its signature beverages are the Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea, Roasted Milk Tea with handmade Pearls and Sweet Potato, Passion Fruit Green Tea and Grapefruit Chia Tea Booster.

Koong Woh Tong

Established in 1990, Koong Woh Tong Sdn Bhd sells Chinese traditional herbal jelly called “Guiling Gao” and herbal teas, namely “Wu Hua Cha”, “Ya Sei Mei”, Five Flower Herbal Tea and Abrum Cantonese Plum Tea in Malaysia. Its herbal products made by authentic herbs formula contain healing effect and the business grew tremendously. Koong Woh Tong has 50 outlets within Peninsular Malaysia and eight outlets in Singapore.


BoatNoodle Sdn Bhd was established by Tony Lim in 2014 and it has over 46 outlets and 700 employees. BoatNoodle’s tagline is “serving little bowls of happiness” and it is well known for its Thai noodles. Customers get to experience the “bowl stacking” style of dining as it serves noodles that originate from the floating noodle markets of Ayutthaya.


Established in 1994, BritishIndia was founded by Pat Liew and SH Yong. BritishIndia is a brand label under BTC Clothier Sdn Bhd and it has over 40 outlets across Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines. Inspired by the grand romance of the Colonial era, BritishIndia offers timeless clothing designs made from cotton, linen and silk fabrics that are created for comfort and effortless dressing for men and women who loves to travel. The large stores of BritishIndia sell soft furnishings and special furniture pieces.

Empire Sushi

Founded by Lim Xui Jhi in 2013, Empire Sushi Group Sdn Bhd sells premium quality and affordable sushi with localised preference such as Gunkan, Nigiri, premium Maki, Onigiri, Temaki, Oden and Bento made from moist vinegar rice, in-house sauce and daily-delivered fresh ingredients. Empire Sushi provides quick service kiosks all around Malaysia.


Medifeet HQ Sdn Bhd was established in 2014 and led by Samantha Peh. It is one of the leading medical health shoe brands in Malaysia with 34 branches throughout Malaysia. Medifeet creates beautiful cushioned comfortable shoes with therapeutic, medical, protective, corrective and supportive features built-in to fix foot problems such as bunions, flat feet, hammer toe, minor uneven leg lengths, badly deformed feet and even posture misalignment. Its shoes are divided into categories such as ready-made, custom-made and semi-custom-made. The custom-made shoes come solely from New Zealand.

Ben’s Independent Grocer

Founded by Benjamin Yong, Ben’s Independent Grocer Sdn Bhd (B.I.G.) was established to be a place for customers to shop and dine. With a total of 7 outlets, B.I.G. sells produce such as seasonal fruits and vegetables from local farms, barbeque needs such as ready-to-grill meats, seafood such as shelled seafood, prawns and fishes, over 200 certified organic grocery products such as natural juices and Malaysian spices, herbs and traditional goodies. B.I.G. also provides social cooking activities, demonstrations and hands-on-workshops for customers to learn new cooking skills and recipes.

Top 10 Malaysian Personalities During Covid-19 Pandemic (Part 1)

Top 10 Malaysian Personalities During Covid-19 Pandemic (Part 1)

In the face of the Covid-19 pandemic and the difficulties of the Movement Control Order (MCO), many news of Malaysians doing their part to support the frontliners as well as helping the underprivileged communities have been making rounds on social media. Here, Top 10 of Malaysia shares its list of the top 10 personalities who are considered national heroes in their efforts in helping the nation overcome this hardship and move on .

Datuk Dr Noor Hisham, Director-General of Health Malaysia

Dr Noor Hisham rose to fame ever since the outbreak of the virus. With his calm demeanour in handling the crisis, he has become the face of consistency and hope as the country battles the Covid-19 pandemic. His hard work have made him a beloved figure in the country. He has even gained the recognition of international media, who ranked him as one of the “world’s top doctors”.

Datuk Dr Noor Hisham

Dato Dr Ahmad Faizal Perdaus, President of Mercy Malaysia

In addition to deploying the emergency response team, Dato Dr Ahmad Faizal Perdaus and his team also set up mobile clinics, distribute hygiene kits, as well as providing essentials such as food, face masks, hand sanitisers, PPE suits. Mercy Malaysia has also launched its own donation drive, where the funds are used to help test high risk and vulnerable communities including rural areas where there are newly identified clusters.

Melinda Looi, President of Malaysia Official Designers Association (MODA)

Looi led an initiative to sew PPE for front-liners to meet the demand from local hospitals while also joining forces with FashionValet in a fund raising campaign to buy fabric to sew PPEs. The association also teamed up with Islamic Medical Association of Malaysia to distribute gowns to its network of hospitals.

Melissa Tan, CEO of Getha

The company worked together with MODA to produce more PPE head covers and body suits for hospital front-liners while also donating latex mattresses and pillows to quarantine centres, clinics and hospitals across the nation.

John-Hans Oei, CEO of Cultiveat

Cultiveat decided to give away some of its harvested produce to the underprivileged communities while also bringing its business online to cope with the surplus produce brought about by low demand from their F&B partners. Since the start of MCO, it has partnered with NGOs to deliver fresh vegetables to the refugees, the disabled and the poor families while also supplying food to the medical frontliners.

Tengku Zatashah Idris, Volunteer at Kechara Soup Kitchen, Board of Trustees at Food Bank Malaysia Foundation, founded #zerofoodwastage

Renowned for her social initiatives, Tengku Zatasha’s main goal was to continue to get food for the vulnerable during Movement Control Order (MCO) period. She has also assisted in getting funding as well as the approval of the Federal Territories authorities, ensuring that Kechara Kitchen is able move around to help the communities during the MCO.

Tengku Zatasha Idris

Datin Vivy Yusof & Dato Fadzarudin Anuar, Founder of FashionValet

When Datin Vivy saw the chairman of Universiti Teknologi Mara donating portable air conditioners to hospitals, she decided to follow suit. The couple donated air conditioners, laptops, cash and food. They have also put together a crowd funding site for front-liners and have managed to raised more than RM1 million.

Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew, Founder of Country Heights Conglomerate

Tan Sri Lee pulled resources from his healthcare and wellness arm and initiated a non-profit move to provide equipment for front-liners. Following his decision to bring in 30 million masks and 200,000 personal protection equipment from overseas, he chartered a private plane to China and brought back the items.

Hanna AlkafMalaysian author. Launched #kitajagakita initiative with a group of volunteer

Hanna was looking for a platform which can make it easier for people to donate or volunteer their services and that was when she launched, which has garnered nationwide attention. Her effort did not go unnoticed as it has benefited organisations such as Women Aid’s Organisation, Mercy Malaysia, and Befrienders KL. Her efforts have brought much relief to some of the most vulnerable communities in the country.

Hanna Alkaf

William Cheah and YiLyn Chan, Founders of Kembara Kitchen

One the first week of MCO, they delivered supper to the doctors and nurses who were working the night shift at Hospital Sungai Buloh. They also ensured that the vulnerable communities are taken care of by providing care packages containing groceries and meals to the families affected by the MCO, the homeless as well as the disabled. However, their humanitarian works are not limited to just taking care of humans for they have also delivered frozen food to Zoo Negara for the animals, which are donated by Tesco Malaysia and Japanese Restaurant Maruki Ramen.