Top 10 Amazing Malaysian Actresses

Top 10 Amazing Malaysian Actresses

Malaysia is a relatively small country that has been able to produce many great talents in many different fields. Acting is one such field where many Malaysian actresses have shined and been recognised for their outstanding acting work.  Top 10 of Asia takes a look at its pick of 10 outstanding actresses who have established themselves as influential forces in acting.

1. Lisa Surihani
2. Rozita Che Wan

Rozita Che Wan

3. Vanida Ibrahim
4. Erra Fazira

Erra Fazira

5. Amy Mastura

Amy Mastura

6. Izara Aishah
7. Adibah Noor

Adibah Noor

8. Fazura
9. Debbie Goh
10. Nora Danish

Multi-talented and inspirational, these 10 actresses are certainly ones to watch.

Top 10 Outstanding Indonesian Singers

Top 10 Outstanding Indonesian Singers

Indonesia has one of the most progressive and colourful music scenes in South East Asia. From smooth jazz to the catchy tunes of dangdut, the Indonesian music scene has had a strong cultural impact in the region for a long time. Top 10 of Asia takes a look at its list, in no particular order, of outstanding Indonesian Singers.

1. Agnes Monica

Agnes Monica

2. Isyana Sarasvati

Isyana Sarasvati

3. Gita Gutawa
4. Tulus
5. Sherina Munaf

Sherina Munaf

6. Raisa


7. Vidi Aldiano
8. Afgansyah Reza

Afgansyah Reza

9. Ari Lasso
10. Rini Wulandari

A young population and one of the fastest rising nations in the world, it is always captivating to watch Indonesian singing talents and keep in anticipation of what will be in store next.

Top 10 Electrifying Filipino Singers

Top 10 Electrifying Filipino Singers

The Phillipines is home to a strong music culture. A common household item in Filipino households is the karaoke machine. Many having been introduced to music from a young age, it is no wonder that the Phillippines has produced so many notable singers. Top 10 of Asia looks at its list, in alphabetical order, of 10 Electrifying Filipino Singers.

1. Jed Madela

Jed Madela

2. Jona Viray

Jona Viray

3. Julie Anne San Jose

Julie Ann San Jose

4. KZ Tandingan

KZ Tandingan

5. Marcelito Pomoy
6. Melanie “Kyla” Alvarez7. Morissette Amon
8. Sarah Geronimo
9. Sheryn Regis

Sheryn Regis

10. Yeng Constantino

Filipino singing is still thriving and very much a powerhouse in the region and globally.

Top 10 Sensational Singaporean Singers

Top 10 Sensational Singaporean Singers

Singapore may not be the first name on everyone’s lips when it comes to music but it has been far too overlooked. There is no shortage of quality Singaporean singers who have emerged and established themselves locally and abroad. A country with a diverse music culture, Top 10 of Asia looks at its list, in random order, of sensational singers from The Lion City.
1. Kit Chan
2. Joi Chua

Joi Chua

3. Joanna Dong
4. Corrinne May

Corrine May

5. Ling Kai

Ling Kai

6. Olivia Ong

Olivia Ong

7. Taufik Batisah

Taufik Batisah

8. Hady Mirza

Hady Mirza

9. Gentle Bones
10. Kelvin Tan

The singing talents coming out from Singapore are definitely ones to keep a close eye on.