Healthy Both Inside and Out

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Dr Anna Hoo Jen Shi, founder and CEO of Anna Hoo Group, is an aesthetic doctor who believes in the importance of holistic health. Although she is a world-renowned medical aesthetic doctor, the needle or laser probe is not the first to go to when a patient comes to her with a beauty concern. In an interview with Top 10 of Asia, Dr Hoo talks about her passion for helping others feel confident and happy by providing treatments for holistic healthcare.   

Dr Anna Hoo Jen Shi is a doctor of medicine who specialises in anti-ageing and medical aesthetic treatment e.g. non-invasive face rejuvenation treatment and laser treatment. However, she is an aesthetic specialist with a difference – she believes that people should not only look good on the outside but must feel good inside and be in good health too. Beauty, as she puts it, should shine from within.  

“Years ago, I asked myself what beauty meant to me. It then occurred to me that beauty is when someone wakes up in the morning and looks at himself or herself in the mirror and finds him/her looking youthful, confident and joyful. Beauty is the appearance that allows him/her to connect with people socially with ease and enables him/her to function optimally in life. 

“This ‘Functional Beauty Concept’ forms the basis of my belief in beauty creation and is the central pillar for my consultation, assessment and treatment planning in my quest to help my patients to achieve a youthful, confident, and happy appearance,” says Dr Hoo. That’s why she feels that medical aesthetics is not merely about giving Botox injections or laser therapy. More importantly, it should be not a one-size-fits-all treatment where patients come in droves asking for wrinkle removal. 

Instead, she seeks to understand the root cause of the accelerated ageing process in each of her patients. She then explores the wants and needs of the patient before designing a treatment programme which is tailor-made to the patient. 

Above all, she realises that different patients respond differently to her treatment and this is largely due to the difference in health status. The consultation may be longer but it is deeply rewarding. By understanding the problem and restoring the patient’s health to the optimal level, the patient gets the most out of the aesthetic treatment. It is her aim to improve her patient’s health physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It is no wonder that she achieves outstanding results with her medical aesthetic treatment.

“When I started my clinic, I was happy to do things I’m passionate about – I wanted to help my patients to look and feel good inside out. I understand this is a calling as I feel fulfilled to witness my patients’ health, confidence, and lives improve. Therefore, the vision of our clinic is ‘to enhance lives through optimal health’,” she says. 

Dr Hoo is an international trainer in Botox and filler injection. She is also an aesthetic medicine practitioner certified by the Ministry of Health of Malaysia. Together with her team of doctors, nutritionists and nurses, she offers a wide range of wellness and medical aesthetic treatments to their patients.  

“From the date of inception until this very day, we have never deviated from our enthusiasm towards our work and have always striven to deliver exceptional care to every patient. By combining our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, we want our patients to receive care which is both efficacious and safe,” Dr Hoo explains.

In her daily work and life, Dr Hoo believes in being patient and treating others with love and compassion. She finds it essential to work from the root cause and improve from it to ensure that the problem that the patient comes to her for is resolved completely. She engages with employees and patients in the path of optimal health, as most people still think that it’s a dream which cannot be achieved. 

She hopes to reach out to more patients by training the new generation of medical doctors to ensure that the medical aesthetic and wellness health approach that she so passionately promotes can touch the lives of more patients.