Pioneering A Crab-Centric Culinary Revolution

by | Jan 23, 2024 | Enterprises | 0 comments

In the lively food scene of Malaysia, where flavours represent both tradition and new experiences, Scott Wong and Lynnneve Chew, budding entrepreneurs, have established TalkCrab as a successful venture. Their idea stemmed from a simple longing for high-quality crab dining during challenging times. In an interview with Top 10 of Asia, they recount overcoming obstacles imposed by the Movement Control Order (MCO) and establishing a unique position in the seafood cuisine domain. Their efforts have elevated TalkCrab into a revered culinary destination, renowned for its consistent dedication to excellence and innovation evident in every delectable crab dish it offers.

Scott Wong and Lynnneve Chew’s joint venture into the culinary world stemmed from a simple love for crab and a determination to fill a gap they identified during the challenging times of the MCO. “We spotted an opportunity waiting to be seized,” shares Scott. “Recognising the scarcity of good quality crabs and the hurdles in accessing it through delivery services during that period, we decided to be the go-to solution for anyone craving exceptional crab dining experiences at home.” “Our dedication goes beyond that of just offering a meal but extends to an elevated culinary affair —to be the first choice, the trusted name and the ultimate destination for those seeking nothing but the best when it comes to enjoying delicious crabs from the comfort of homes,” adds Lynnneve.

“We are committed to serving nothing short of the finest seafood and this led to our success. We deliver only the best crab dishes to our customers,” says Scott. This dedication not only distinguished them but also fostered an unshakable trust among their clientele. “We specialise in presenting the rare and esteemed female crabs – known as roe crabs, a delicacy that’s rarely featured in restaurants due to its elevated cost, thereby reshaping the culinary scene focused on predominantly serving the more affordable male crabs,” says Lynnneve proudly. “Our delivery service became a game-changer, granting countless customers the luxury of relishing these delicacies within the cozy confines of their homes. We simplify the entire process so customers merely had to place orders and complete payments through their phones, leaving the rest in our hands.”

Talk Crab began as a business focused solely on delivery. “When the MCO started to ease, our business faced a slowdown due to shifting customer preferences as many opted to dine out instead,” shares Scott. “This period was incredibly challenging for us. We had recently transitioned to a central kitchen and upgraded our equipment, and we found ourselves at a crossroad—whether to cease operations or persist. Continuing meant adapting to offer dine-in services, a daunting prospect considering our business had always been exclusively delivery-based. This change would fundamentally alter our business model, presenting us with unfamiliar challenges. Moreover, the shift would demand significant financial resources for renovating the shop and purchasing furniture, among other necessities.”

“Originating as humble home cooks, we poured our hearts into every aspect, from the groundwork to the grand vision. Witnessing our establishment blossom into a thriving culinary haven has been our greatest triumph. Evolving from obscurity, we’ve garnered the trust of our patrons, earning a reputable status as one of the finest destinations for exquisite crab dishes. The fulfillment derived from this transformation stands as our proudest accomplishment,” says Lynnneve. “We aspire to be the top crab restaurant chain in Malaysia by growing our presence across the country and expanding globally,” adds Scott. 

The accomplished founders believe that it is beneficial to welcome risks while maintaining steadfast consistency in one’s pursuits. “Today, it’s common for individuals to abandon their pursuits prematurely. Yet, fear of failure should not deter anyone from exploring uncharted territories,” advises Scott. “We firmly believe that playing it safe poses the most significant risk of all. Stepping into the unknown, pushing boundaries and persisting through challenges, albeit daunting, often yields the most rewarding outcomes. The courage to take risks and the resilience to persevere in the face of adversity are necessary elements in the recipe for success,” shares Lynnneve.