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Embarking on a journey brimming with diversity and fueled by an unrelenting passion for the fashion industry, Sathia Ramasamy, the visionary founder of Venturist Sdn Bhd, has an extraordinary experience spanning global pageantry, modelling and entrepreneurial ventures. In an interview with Top 10 of Asia, Sathia delves into the genesis of Indya, narrating how her personal connection with the brand ignited a fervent desire to redefine the landscape of contemporary Indian fashion in Malaysia. Her story serves as an inspiring beacon for aspiring entrepreneurs, illustrating the transformative power of merging heartfelt passion with astute business acumen. 

After completing her higher education at the University of Malaya, Sathia Ramasamy embarked on a diverse and fulfilling career journey. She represented Malaysia in the Mrs India Malaysia 2016 pageant, where she proudly stood as the third runner up on the global stage in New York, USA. “From a young age, my passion for the fashion industry has been a guiding force, leading me to delve into modelling and international pageants,” she says. 

Sathia began with notable advertisements for brands like Fair & Lovely alongside Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan and continued with appearances for Everyday Milk, Malaysian Tourism Ministry, Digi, Petronas, Fuji Air, Unitar International College and she also graced the cover of the Wedding Fever magazine. “Driven by passion, I ventured into entrepreneurship, acquiring the master franchise of the brand, Indya, marking its first expansion beyond its origin in India into Malaysia. I take pride in being the trailblazer to introduce this brand beyond its home country.” 

“The journey into this brand began when I was a customer, I was initially drawn in by the allure of unique designs infused with an Indian touch, something unattainable elsewhere. With no physical stores, each purchase meant ordering online or grabbing a piece during travels to Chennai,” says Sathia. “The turning point came when I wore one of their dresses for a pageant interview. The judges were captivated by the dress, sparking a conversation about its origin. That moment was an experience that propelled me to approach the company, leading to the establishment of Indya in Malaysia.”

Sathia’s vision for the brand is to soar as an international trendsetter in fashion, offering unparalleled quality service in a fast-paced industry. “We aim to be Southeast Asia’s foremost luxury retail group that break cultural barriers through designs that exude glamour, contemporaneity, fuss-free and practical. The emphasis lies in creating pieces that are effortless, functional and stylish,” adds Sathia.

“Indya stands tall as a prominent brand in the modern Indian fashion landscape, dedicated to reshaping traditional Indian attire for the evolving lifestyles and aesthetics of contemporary women. It masterfully blends the modern and traditional, showcasing contemporary silhouettes crafted from luxurious fabrics adorned with intricate traditional embroideries, heritage prints and mesmerising motifs,” shares Sathia. “This fusion results in a unique line of modern Indian clothing, meticulously tailored to suit Indian body types, all while making dressing up an opulent yet effortless experience.”

 “Maintaining equilibrium between my professional endeavours and personal life hinges on effective time management and a conscious allocation of responsibilities,” she says. “I ensure completion of my tasks within designated timelines while also being physically present at my shop daily, overseeing operations and engaging with my dedicated staff. I also prioritise my role as a parent to two wonderful kids. Achieving this balance wouldn’t be feasible without the unwavering support from my husband, whose contribution is invaluable in navigating this dual role.” 

Sathia advises young entrepreneurs to discover their passion as it serves as the foundation upon which success and thriving startups are built. “In my journey, my fervour for a particular brand fueled my belief in its potential success and it led me to turn the concept into reality. Passion, regardless of whether it initially aligns with a business idea, holds immense power as a source of inspiration and entrepreneurial innovation. When driven by genuine interest, the combination of passion, hard work and resilience form the crux of success. Challenges may arise, but it’s the resilience to rise after each setback that defines the entrepreneurial spirit. Every stumble becomes a stepping stone towards ultimate success.”