We Are Pleased To Introduce Peter Hourigan The 30 Years Experience Profesional In Hospitality Sector

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You have been working in the hospitality sector for more than 15 years. What in your opinion makes you different and more successful than other hotel general managers?

I hold dual portfolios as the Vice President of Operations of Saujana Hotels & Resorts and the General Manager of The Club Saujana Resort.

With over 30 years experience in the hospitality industry, I do the same thing as what other General Managers do – Strive for superior performance, set priorities, build better interrelationships, demand for consistent quality of service and so forth .

Besides setting strategies and overseeing operations that would build the organization, I am also focused and motivated on key tasks that constitute the foundations of shaping the work environment, allocating resources at the right places and situations, developing and mentoring senior managers, and consistently innovating new products.

It is all about the vision, leadership and people. I have my own style of coaching and stressing on fundamentals, skills and being flexible to keep the team going consistently as a winner and entrusting them to keep our guests and clients happy.

Why did you decide to work in the hospitality sector? Do the things you do now at work correspond with your initial notion of your career?

Well, after completing my Business Degree in Queensland, I had set my target to study Hotel & Tourism in Switzerland and fortunately for me the hotel industry was just about to become a significant sector of the Australian economy providing that much needed support in terms of hotel rooms/accommodation and services as a meeting place, entertainment hub for both local sporting community and tourists. My first career big break started when I joined the Hilton Group back in the 80s.

I am very much immersed with the growth and excitement of this ever changing hospitality business along with the advance changes. It is definitely a fun and rewarding opportunity to be where I am today.

You joined the Saujana Hotels & Resorts in 2012. How your company has changed since then thanks to your efforts? How it will further change thanks to you?

The company has progressed, changed and will continue growing due to my efforts in centralizing on our Saujana Hotels and Resorts brand vision and values from a more creative and innovation aspect enabling us to enhance our brand name and market presence.

What is the main secret of successful hotel or resort and why?

We have to continuously evolve, innovate, improve and be at the competitive edge to meet and if possible always exceed guest expectations and to also keep our own team happy as well as motivated.

Have you ever thought about creating your own resort? What region in your opinion is the most appealing for opening a new resort?

Yes, of course it would have been very nice to have your own resort and manage it yourself.

Tropical lush, distinctive and art inspired interiors and personalized service of locales to pamper you for comforts complemented modern conveniences and surrounded by two 18-hole championship golf courses does sum up to luxury.

The Asia region is the best choice for the luxury market.

Because of your international career you have been working in many cities. What city did you like most? Why? Have you ever thought of living and working there again?

So far I am enjoying my stay and working at The Club Saujana Resorts, it is located just about 30 minutes from the city centre of Kuala Lumpur. Just love it!

The Club Saujana Resort has joined the nominee list for our Golden Crown. Do you expect a big list of adequate competitors for the award this year?

Yes, I would expect an extensive list of submissions but I have complete faith that The Club Saujana Resort would be able to stamp its credibility within the top 5.