Arcc Spaces Welcomes Elliot James Interiors To Its Flagship Singapore Location

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Multi-award-winning luxury interior design studio Elliot James Interiors, has chosen Arcc Spaces flexible work solutions to bolster its steady expansion in Singapore. With its elegant residential and commercial designs, the firm, which is based in Singapore and London, chose Arcc Spaces flagship One Marina Boulevard outpost to realise its hybrid work model and exciting new journey.

Elliot James Interiors is one of the leading ID studios for modern luxury interior design in Singapore, focusing on quality, detail, opulence and style. Recently, they won the ‘Interior Design Scheme – Asia Pacific’ at the International Design & Architecture 2021 Awards.

Elliot James Interiors previously housed their studios in a traditional office space before moving into Arcc Spaces, and decided to adapt to the new normal by relocating to a flexible workplace. As a prestigious design firm, it had strict criteria to meet during the selection process, as it was a place where both their designers and clients were going to meet.

Arcc Spaces is currently managing 16 premium workplaces across Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shanghai. In 2020, Arcc Spaces launched its flagship workplace at the prestigious One Marina Boulevard to set a new standard when it came to creating a luxurious work experience. Inside, members enjoy a breathtaking view of Marina Bay that amplifies the beauty of the common area. An in-house barista makes freshly brewed coffee and welcome drinks for the members and their guests to elevate the experience. The multi-functional areas — such as the drawing-room, breakout area, meeting spaces, fully-equipped private offices, and extensive tailored work solutions — allow firms and individuals to work in the most effective and productive way possible.

“When we first stepped into Arcc Spaces (at One Marina Boulevard) for a site inspection, the receptionist gave us a personalised warm greeting, that instantly set them apart from other offices.” said Elliot Barratt, Founder & CEO of Elliot James Interiors.

Elliot added, “what I love about this space is the connection with our business. Especially for a luxury interior design firm, we are selling a dream, a lifestyle. Therefore, the place that we interact with our clients has to reflect that. Their first impressions are based on our polished website or the manner in which we interact with them digitally. When they come for a physical meeting at Arcc Spaces, we are glad that the same brand experience continues for them.”

Arcc Spaces is dedicated to supporting its tenants in boosting their own brand aspiration and corporate culture. Arcc Spaces rarely incorporates huge logos or an aggressive visual identity in its workplaces. Instead, a neutral and human-centric ambiance is created for its users.

“How Arcc Spaces differentiates itself is by being consistent when it comes to maintaining the high standards of its environment and services,” said Evelyn Chye, General Manager of Arcc Spaces in Singapore. “We believe that the tenants who have chosen us also share the same sentiment with us. We are delighted to also receive the same level of satisfaction from guests who visit Arcc Spaces. By offering a solid support system and prioritising this hospitality-led experience, we hope that we’re able to assist our tenants in achieving business success.”

With the adoption of hybrid work, people have the freedom to work from anywhere other than home. Arcc Spaces is seeing a trend whereby more firms like Elliot James are seeking to enhance their brand identity by choosing a design-led and centrally located bespoke flexible workplace that reflects their business aspirations and image. Through the deep understanding of its customers’ changing needs, Arcc Spaces will continue to cater to firms looking to transform the way they work.

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