Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards 2024: Recognising 81 ESG Champions

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The Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards (AREA) 2024 celebrated a cohort of 81 exemplary ESG champions dedicated to shaping a sustainable future for the region and beyond, setting new benchmarks for corporate responsibility. Presented by regional NGO Enterprise Asia, the AREA is widely regarded as the gold standard for ESG and sustainability practices across Asia.

Beholding over 5,000 ESG programmes for more than a decade, the AREA serves as a platform to showcase and provide well-deserved recognition to businesses and organisations championing sustainability, ultimately inspiring more enterprises to integrate sustainable business practices into their strategies. Over 1 million individuals’ lives throughout Asia have been touched by the award-winning initiatives of this year’s ESG champions.

Richard Tsang, President of Enterprise Asia, stated in his welcome speech, “The interconnected challenges of climate change and social inequity underscore the urgent need for a comprehensive approach to sustainability. By adopting ESG principles, companies can innovate boldly, reduce operational risks, attract purpose-driven talent, and earn consumer loyalty through ethical practices. This holistic approach not only aligns with global sustainability goals but also positions businesses as champions of lasting transformative change across borders and generations.”

Since 2011, the AREA has been recognising businesses from various industries while honouring their achievements in the categories of Social Empowerment, Investment in People, Health Promotion, Green Leadership, Corporate Governance, Circular Economy Leadership, Corporate Sustainability Reporting, and Responsible Business Leadership. This year, over 300 submissions across 19 countries and markets have undergone a gruelling judging process based on three criteria: relevance, effectiveness and reach, and sustainability.

The recipients of the Responsible Business Leadership Category, which recognises visionary leaders who champion responsible entrepreneurship and embed sustainable practices in their business strategy, include Taiwan’s John Yu, Group Chairman of CTCI Group, Philby Lee, Chairperson of Far Eastern Big City Shopping Malls Co., Ltd., Joseph Huang, Chairman of E.SUN Bank, and Shi-kuan, Chen, of SinoPac Holdings.

Other notable award recipients are Bank Of China (Hong Kong) Limited, Thailand’s Central Retail Corporation Public Company Limited and the Philippines’ SM Store under the Social Empowerment Category, Taiwan’s Pacific SOGO Department Stores Co., Ltd., Cambodia’s Nagaworld Limited and Thailand’s Krungthai Bank PCL under the Investment In People Category, Malaysia’s Sarawak Energy Berhad and Taiwan Life Insurance Co., Ltd. under the Health Promotion Category, Indonesia’s PT Pertamina Gas and Chugai Pharma Taiwan, and Vietnam Dairy Products Joint Stock Company under the Green Leadership Category, Taiwan’s Excellence Optoelectronics Inc. and Thailand’s Government Housing Bank under the Corporate Governance Category, CPC Corporation, Taiwan and Thailand’s Siam Kubota Corporation Co., Ltd. under the Circular Economy Leadership Category, and the Philippines’ Energy Development Corporation and Taiwan’s Qisda Corporation under the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Category.

In addition to the eight categories, the AREA bestowed the Emblem of Sustainability to businesses with a longstanding commitment to sustainability. The Silver Emblem of Sustainability is awarded exclusively to companies that have received the AREA honour for four years or more, including Apex International Co., Ltd, Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited, CPC Corporation, Taiwan, E.SUN Bank, Far Eastern Big City Shopping Malls Co., Ltd., Metropolitan Electricity Authority, Provincial Electricity Authority, PT Pupuk Kalimantan Timur, Sinopac Holdings, and Taiwan Depository & Clearing Corporation. The Gold Emblem of Sustainability is reserved for businesses that have been honoured by AREA for eight years or more, including IRPC Public Company Limited and Thai Life Insurance Public Company Limited.

Prior to the AREA, the International CSR & Sustainability (ICS) Summit 2024 was held on the day. The summit convened with over 300 C-suite-level executives, business leaders, and CSR practitioners from 19 countries.

Themed “Embracing The Green Shift: Maximising Business Opportunities In Sustainability”, the summit provided a regional platform for leading thought leaders and CSR practitioners to explore and implement sustainable practices. The summit equipped attendees with the necessary tools and insights to navigate the ever-evolving sustainability landscape while also leveraging and unlocking new opportunities for growth and expansion.

The Chairman of Enterprise Asia, Tan Sri Dr. Fong Chan Onn, expressed at the summit’s opening that “Sustainability is no longer a mere option but a necessity, a driving force that shapes how we operate, innovate, and grow. Embracing this green shift means acknowledging that our environmental responsibilities go hand-in-hand with our economic goals. By integrating sustainable practices into our business models, we not only protect our environment but also enhance our competitiveness, resilience, and long-term success.”