CanSurvive Organises 11th International Conference Discussing An Integrative Approach To Cancer

by | Sep 14, 2021 | Faces & Happenings | 0 comments

CanSurvive Centre Malaysia Berhad, a non-profit cancer charity organization, announces its 11th International Conference on Holistic Healing from Cancer”, which will bring together a host of local and international speakers with people challenged with cancer and their families and friends, as well as others interested in the subject matter, in the form of a full-day virtual conference, on 18th September 2021. 

Having been hosted annually by CanSurvive for over a decade to enthusiastic reviews from its past participants, the core theme of this year’s conference is an “Integrative Approach to Cancer”. CanSurvive is expecting at least 500 participants to participate this year. Like all of Cansurvive’s conferences, this event is offered free of charge to the general public. 

“We’re staying true to our pledge that we will never charge those challenged by cancer to attend our conferences and get access to vital information, knowing that they are already burdened with treatment cost and other related expenses and often with loss of income over prolonged periods of time,” said Dr C D Siby, President of CanSurvive. “Our primary goal is to reach out to as many people with cancer and their families as we can. Healthy members of the public are also equally welcome to take advantage of this educational event.” 

Cancer is a complex disease that begins as the uncontrollable growth of abnormal cells in a body part, with the potential to spread to other sites of the body (metastasising). Despite the billions of dollars and decades of research poured into the war against cancer, an infallible cure for cancer remains elusive, and conventional methods come with a long list of side effects. 

“We believe that cancer is a disease that results from imbalances of the body, mind and spirit of a person. As such, our efforts to support the healing journey of those affected with cancer aim to create awareness of a holistic approach and the importance of embracing all modalities of treatment. This approach has proved powerful and provides great support for those who are on their healing journey,” added Dr Siby. 

The upcoming conference aims to provide extensive insights for people challenged by cancer, or those in remission, so they can augment their treatment plan to maximise their chances of a full recovery. Therefore, the speakers are selected from a diverse pool of highly qualified professionals from across the world, including Germany, India, the Philippines, and Malaysia. 

Details on the webinar and speakers can also be found here. To register for the webinar, participants can simply click .