Cyberport & APRU Launch First-Ever APRU Student Esports Paper Competition Promoting Esports As An Academic Speciality

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Cyberport is pleased to announce that APRU (Association of Pacific Rim Universities), a consortium of 60 leading universities in the Pacific Rim region, has opened its new head office, the APRU International University Centre, at Cyberport. This will allow the two parties to continue working closely to promote the esports industry and nurture talents by introducing various activities, including the first APRU Student Esports Paper Competition and the APRU Esports Fellowship Program second cohort.


In lieu of this dedication, Cyberport and APRU will co-organise the first APRU Student Esports Paper Competition to support esports as an academic speciality and encourage students to have innovative and quality research in the esports field, as well as promote long-term investment of esports research which will enrich students’ and universities’ resources and knowledge pool in the emerging field.


The APRU Student Esports Paper Competition will recognise outstanding papers in the field of esports. The submitter must be a current undergraduate student of a university in the Asia-Pacific Rim and is required to submit a paper under one of the following three categories: business models for the esports industry, esports for social good, and health/ wellness in esports. Winners will receive award certificates and scholarships paid directly to their universities with a first prize US$3,000 (~HK$ 23,400) and runner-up US$1,000 (~HK$ 7,800) in each of the three categories. The total amount of scholarship is worth US$12,000. Winners will also be invited to present their research results at the second edition of the Esports MetaGame Conference on December 11th, which is a spotlight event of Cyberport’s annual flagship event, Digital Entertainment Leadership Forum (DELF).


Following the great success from last year, Cyberport partners with APRU and Tecnológico de Monterrey, an APRU member and a leading university in Mexico, again for the second cohort of the APRU Esports Fellowship Program (the Program). The Program pulls together student leaders in the Pacific Rim region engaged in next generation learning experiences that support the growth of healthy, vibrant esports communities and are seeking to become the future leaders of the esports industry. In this six-month program, Cyberport will offer students insights and access to the esports industry through workshops, internship opportunities, and entrepreneurship opportunities.

(The APRU Esports Fellowship Program is an international network of student leaders engaged in next generation learning experiences that support the growth of healthy, vibrant Esports communities and are seeking to become the future leaders of the Esports industry.)


The nomination period for the Program will run until 30 November 2021. All APRU member universities could nominate undergraduate students and advisors to participate in the Program. The Program activities include interactive lectures and webinars, student-led workshops, capstone project and international esports tournament with topics: diversity and inclusion in the esports industry, overview of the esports ecosystem in an international context, career and skills development in the esports industry, developing an esports league and community, psychological impact of esports gaming, esports for social good, esports marketing and events productions as well as health/ wellness in esports.


Eric Chan, Chief Public Mission Officer of Cyberport, said, “We extend our warmest welcome to APRU to set up the APRU International University Centre at Cyberport. Cyberport is committed to fostering the esports industry development in Hong Kong and nurturing esports talents. Our collaborations with APRU for the Esports Paper Competition and APRU Esports Fellowship Program second cohort will help the youngsters in Hong Kong deepen their understanding to esports as an emerging industry and build up an international peer network for their esports career.”


Dr. Christopher Tremewan, Secretary General of APRU, said, “Universities are at the centre of the esports ecosystem through collegiate esports, academic degree programs, and students who are gamers and future leaders of the industry. The Esports Paper Competition and Fellowship Program facilitate entry points for students to the esports industry, enhancing skills development and leadership to prepare them for their futures.”


Since December 2020, Cyberport and APRU have launched a number of new collaboration initiatives, including the inaugural Esports MetaGame Conference, the first APRU Esports Fellowship Program, and the first APRU Global Tournament, to allow students to build deep connections across the entire esports industry – publishers, league tournaments, and its technological advancement – for a greater opportunity to develop their esports skillset and career.

Applications for the competition are open from now until November 22nd. Interested participants can find more details at their official website.


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