Equitativa Group Enters Strategic Partnership With Stern Resources To Develop REIT In Indonesia

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Equitativa Group, a leading regional asset management company that focuses on managing real estate investment trusts (REITs), has entered a joint venture with Stern Resources Inc, a New York based investment holding company, to establish a $500 Million USD REIT structure in Indonesia and acquire commercial, retail, and hospitality properties. Indonesia represents a prime opportunity for real estate investors with its combination of strong demographic trends, market fundamentals and changing regulatory environment.

The partnership will combine Stern Resources’ deep local ties and experience in Indonesian Real Estate with Equitativa’s track record of successful REIT management in emerging markets. Equitativa has managed multiple REITs in a variety of emerging markets and has seen outsize returns in many, bringing a history of institutional experience in REIT management alongside a consistent success record that its worldwide investor pool has come to rely on.

Sylvain Vieujot, founder of Equitativa and Chief Executive Officer of Emirates REIT, adds: “This joint venture represents an exciting and natural evolution for Equitativa Group enabling us to leverage on our extensive experience in breaking into new emerging markets with excellent potential. We have found in Stern Resources Group a great ally and are very excited for the future of this venture and the impact it will generate.”

Hartadinata Harianto, Director of Stern Resources Group, says: “The collaboration with Equitativa Group fits seamlessly with Stern Resources’ strategy of partnering with talented regional asset management companies. Equitativa has demonstrated excellent ability in entering new markets and creating attractive risk-adjusted, income-generating financial products for public investors alongside liquidity and diversification for asset owners.”

Source: Stern Resources


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