Fullerton Health Launches Digihealth Kiosk To Improve Accessibility And Affordability Of Healthcare For Migrant Workers

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Fullerton Health has served the migrant workers community since the early days of the pandemic. At the height of the pandemic, their medical teams supported the health needs of quarantined migrant workers at over 20 dormitories. Today, they run a regional medical center at Cochrane Recreation Centre servicing a population of 40,000 migrant workers in the North of Singapore.

Their efforts to further improve accessibility have motivated their team to conceptualize the Fullerton DigiHealth Kiosk to integrate teleconsultation capabilities with automated vending of medications for common symptoms. The kiosk minimizes the need for patient travel and eliminates waiting time for delivery.

The first Fullerton DigiHealth Kiosk will be piloted at the North Coast Lodge, a dormitory that houses up to 9000 migrant workers located in the north of Singapore. At the kiosk, workers may scan their work pass for ease of registration and video call the doctor who will explain the medication required and the uses. Medication is stored securely in the Kiosk under manufacturer recommended storage conditions. Once prescribed, the Medication will be automatically dispensed on the spot. Medical certification, receipts and referral letters can also be printed.

“Our purpose has always been to advocate and find ways to improve health outcomes and make care more affordable. This is just one example of our digital transformation efforts and driving innovation that has potential for real impact on the ground,” said Ho Kuen Loon, GCEO Fullerton Health. “Our intention is expanding the use of Fullerton DigiHealth kiosks as a complementary channel to extend the reach of our existing clinic network and telemedicine services to deliver a seamless online to offline experience for our patients.”

Source: Fullerton Health Pte Ltd


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