Government-Backed Siberkreasi Launches Star-Studded Campaign To Promote Positive Online Experience

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The Indonesian Ministry of Communications and Informatics, through the National Digital Literacy Movement (GNLD), Siberkreasi has unveiled a new series promoting the positive use of social media in partnership with thought leaders, experts and celebrities Marshanda, Nicholas Saputra, Cinta Laura, Ashilla Sikado, and Benjamin Adhisurya.

Nearly half of Indonesian’s report suffering from online abuse or fraud. Siberkreasi hopes to reverse this trend with new digital literacy and awareness campaigns. Launched as part of the Ministry’s #MakinCakapDigital campaign, the programs are designed to promote the positive use of social media and encourage Indonesian citizens to do good through social media.

“Social media is often linked to a range of negative outcomes, from mental health issues to scams and frauds. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Our new webinar series and educational programs aim to change the narrative on social media by covering three main areas: mental health, digital literacy among students, and positive social movements,” said Anita Wahid, Vice Chairman of Siberkreasi.

Cyberbullying is Dangerous: Government-backed Siberkreasi Program Launches New Celebrity Campaign to Create More Positive Online Experience

The first pillar of the #MakinCakapDigital series focuses on mental health with a webinar session on ” Sehat di Media Digital “, with Indonesian celebrity Marshanda – a victim of cyberbullying as a teenager – and Dr Sandersan Onie, a post-doctorate fellow in suicide prevention, were invited to speak at the webinar event. Sharing their experiences, they discussed how to filter online content to maintain wellbeing.

On the same day, Nicholas Saputra and Cinta Laura spoke at the “Mahasiswa Makin Cakap Digital” event, highlighting the second pillar of the campaign: digital literacy among students. Over 2000 students attended the online webinar on September 10th. They shared tips on becoming an effective agent of change online for a better society.

The event series also partnered with TikTok to host ” Bincang Literasi Digital: Ciptakan Kebaikan di Platform Digital ” with psychologist Saskhya Aulia Prima, Dennis Adhiswara, and TikTokers Ashilla Sikado and Benjamin Adhisurya. Together they spoke of the need to initiate social change online through positive content. Access Siberkreasi’s webinars through

Source: Kementerian Komunikasi dan Informatika via PR Newswire


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