Indonesia’s Ministry Of Tourism And Creative Economy Increases Public And Media Engagement To Boost Event Business In Yogyakarta

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Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy has held the Cleanliness, Health, Safety, Environment Sustainability (CHSE) Event Protocol Story (CERPEN) campaign for public and local media in Yogyakarta on October 21, 2021.

Yogyakarta is among the top priorities of the Ministry to socialize the CHSE protocol through CERPEN, which is designed to encourage tourism and creative industry while raising new optimism for organizing events by adopting the new normal protocol amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Here in Jogja, creative events have started to be reorganized by adhering to health protocol and new normal regulations. Thus, events can still be held adjusting to the latest situation and in accordance to the rules that have been set by the local government,” said Hafiz Agung Rifai, coordinator of Regional Event Strategic and Promotion at the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy.

The CHSE protocol provides guidance on three aspects of pre, during, and post events, which must be followed by organizers, spectators, and performers. The rules include 3M’s health protocols (wearing masks, washing hands with soap, and keeping a distance).

“Our main focus is to ease the event promoters and organizers rebuild their business. From our side, the CHSE protocol has a good standard and hopefully, it can lead the way to other events. The Ministry’s mission is to revive event businesses in order to boost creative economy growth impacted by the pandemic,” added Hafiz.

Another goal of the CHSE event socialization initiative to various regions, is to provide CHSE guidance to regional event organizers, especially in organizing events in the new normal era.

Local Creators to Boost Innovation by Implementing the New Normal Protocols

Held in a media gathering event, the CHSE socialization also invited Yogyakarta-based professionals who work in creative to share their views and experiences in organizing events and adapting to the new normal. Attended speakers include Hafiz Agung Rifai; Anas Syahrul Alimi, CEO of Prambanan Jazz Festival, and Gading Narendra Paksi, Program Director of Artjog,

Anas said promoters and organizers in Yogyakarta have been ready to start their business again. Since last year, they have gathered with event organizers to draft a standard operating procedure (SOP) while waiting for official health and safety protocols issued by the local government.

He hopes that he could hold “JogjaRockarta”, a rock music festival, at the end of the year and all creative workers will gain more confidence to start organizing events again by complying with the CHSE protocol socialized by the Ministry.

Gading said the annual event of Artjog 2021 had been held from July 8 to August 31 by adapting to the new normal protocol such as avoiding crowds, restricting visiting hours, and attendance. He added that art exhibitions are relatively easier to adapt and innovate since it is a quiet event by nature unlike other art and cultural performances.

“The CHSE protocol is good news for event organizing business as we have an official guidance to start doing the business again,” said Gading.

After Medan and Yogyakarta, the Ministry will hold CERPEN events in Semarang, Surabaya, Makassar, and Lombok, to socialize the CHSE protocol that is organized in three phases, from August to November 2021.

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Source: Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy


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