Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy Socializes New Protocols to Revive Event Business in Medan

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The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy Indonesia has held the Cleanliness, Health, Safety, Environment Sustainability (CHSE) Event Protocol Story (CERPEN) campaign for public and local media in Medan, North Sumatra, on October 13, 2021.

Medan became the first city among the 6 top priorities of the ministry to socialize the CHSE protocol through CERPEN, that is designed to encourage tourism and creative industry while raising new optimism for organizing events by adopting the new normal protocol amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We need to rebuild people’s confidence to revive event business, creative workers, and other related ecosystems that had been impacted by the pandemic through relevant content. This is why the role of local media is significant to help us disseminate information on CHSE events,” said Eddy Wardoyo, deputy secretary of Tourism and Event Products of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Industry.

Wardoyo added that the ministry will continue to encourage and support the event business to boost the local economy by issuing the CHSE guidance to ensure all performances are held in safety to get rid of people’s wariness.

“The target is to encourage the local creative industry to keep innovating to organize art and cultural events,” Wardoyo said.

The CHSE event socialization initiative aims to attract creative workers to socialize CHSE guidance into regional content and culture so that it is easily understood by the local community.

Not only focusing on preparing event destinations and organizers in understanding health protocols and licensing activities, CHSE socialization also targets the local creative industry to continue innovating in organizing arts and cultural events that comply with health protocols.

Held in a media gathering event, the CHSE socialization also invited Medan-based experts who work on creative industries to be speakers such as Irwansyah Harahap, Director of Toba Caldera World Music Festival, and Glenn Biondi Hutajulu, Co-Founder of Samosir Music International, to share their views and experiences in organizing events and adapting the new normal.

Hutajulu said he used to be able to bring more than 20 thousand concertgoers per music event, however, social and economic restriction amid the pandemic has forced him to vacuum. That is why he is keen to start organizing events again by adhering to the CHSE guidance.

Following Medan, the Ministry will also hold CERPEN events in Yogyakarta, Semarang, Surabaya, Makassar, and Lombok, to socialize the CHSE protocol that was organized in three phases, from August to November 2021.

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Source: Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy via PR Newswire