SMEGO Unveils Mobile App To Help Malaysia’s MSMEs And SMEs Ease Into Online Market Affordably

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SMEGO has announced the launch of their mobile app to help businesses move online to compete in the post-pandemic economy. The brand provides a multi-functional mobile app that enables businesses to automatically create an online store and track the necessary data. Brands will also soon be able to automatically set up stores on ecommerce platforms such as Lazada and Shopee as well.

To ensure a holistic solution for SMEs and MSMEs, the service also includes an I-POS system, a payment gateway and most importantly, training and educational material for business owners to better utilise the service and grow their business online at an affordable rate.

To build upon the momentum of the project, SMEGO has launched a crowd funding campaign through PitchIN to raise funds to expand the suite of digital services it is offering to SMEs and MSMEs in Malaysia.

“The impact of the pandemic was felt by us all, but the many SMEs and MSMEs in Malaysia did not have access to the tools and knowledge to help them transition online easily. That’s why we built SMEGO, because we believe that it should be easy for businesses to bring their products online easily. They form the backbone of our economy, so we must be able to provide them with an easy and affordable way to make their business sustainable from now on” explains the CEO and founder of SMEGO, Dato’ Westin Chew.

While there are grants and existing technology solutions available in Malaysia to help businesses make the transition online, there are obstacles that small businesses face in going online. Due to the complexity of applying for the grants and the high price and complexity of the existing solutions in the market, it often means that SMEs and MSMEs do not have feasible options available to them.

This problem is being addressed, with the recent announcement by the Prime Minister YAB Dato’ Sri Ismail Sabri Bin yaakob on the 12th Malaysia Plan, with an emphasis on improving digitalisation for businesses.The government aims to develop a skilled labour force through the use of technology as well as robust training programmes offered by online course providers.

This would result in businesses being able to perform their tasks more effectively, and SMEGO is ideally placed to aid the government in reaching the projected GDP growth of 4.5 percent to 5.5 percent from 2021 to 2025, as well as retain its competitive advantage over neighbouring countries like Vietnam and Indonesia.

Setting up an online store is not easy, especially for those with a digital background and sufficient resources to hire experts. Beyond the initial capital expenditure and technical knowledge required, small brands often struggle to manage the backend, stocking, accounts and logistics Understanding this, SMEGO was built to automate this process as much as possible – allowing the business owner to focus on growing their business, while SMEGO provides backend management for their new online store.

The service has built-in APIs into the ecommerce platforms that allow it to be a single interface for business owners to manage, track and promote their online store. SMEGO was also designed to work for busy entrepreneurs who can easily manage their online store from their mobile phone. The simplicity of the solution also means that there is no need for extra costs that come from hiring technical experts or developing software for businesses, as SMEGO solves the issue.

The other benefits include business training, as SMEGO offers online courses for those who are in need of training and guidance. This extends to funding, as businesses that need financial loans in the future. This will soon include transaction data that SMEGO is able to provide, which is required for any future loan submission that enables business owners to expand, which can be a challenge for some SMEs and MSMEs.

Source: SMEGO