Surabaya Sets Out To Revive Local Events With CHSE Protocols In Place

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Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy has held the latest Cleanliness, Health, Safety, Environment Sustainability (CHSE) Event Protocol Story (CERPEN) program in Surabaya, East Java, on November 3, 2021.

Targeting local public and media, CERPEN is a campaign socialization that aims to revive tourism and creative industries, while promoting new normal protocol for events. Previously, CERPEN has been held in various tourism hotspots in Indonesia, such as Medan and Yogyakarta.

The Surabaya’s CERPEN brought in cultural figureheads and creative professionals to share their views and experiences on running events responsibly amidst COVID-19 concerns. Speakers attending include Bagas Indyatmono, Head Director for Jazz Gunung Indonesia; David Susilo, Event Director of Jember Fashion Carnaval; and Hafiz Agung Rifai, Coordinator of Regional Event Strategic and Promotion at the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy.

At Surabaya’s CERPEN, Event Director of JFC, David Susilo, said that the CHSE protocols would be in place at the upcoming fashion parade, run in a hybrid format that blends online and onsite events.

“We’re excited to kickstart the next Jember Fashion Carnaval on November 20, following the CHSE guidelines. Strict CHSE guidelines will be applied in all pre-event, on-event, and post-event sessions. Our crew has been on training for three months, in collaboration with the COVID task force (Satgas COVID) in the area, to make sure that everything will run smoothly,” said David.

At CERPEN, the local government also invites local media to spread the words following CHSE guidelines to the public. The government has published 11 industry-related COVID-19 guidelines and manuals on the CHSE website, including guidelines for hosting events, organizing MICE, as well as CHSE health and safety guidelines for tourism sites and creative economy sectors.

The guideline covers what to do before, during, and after an event to ensure attendee safety, as well as key risk factors to consider.

“These guidelines and manuals are here to provide the public with all the necessary knowledge when it comes to adapting to in-person events during the pandemic. Synergy and collaboration are key in making this happen. With CHSE protocols in place, we’re looking forward to seeing more cultural events and festivities happening again in Surabaya and beyond,” said Hafiz.

Following Surabaya, the Ministry will also hold CERPEN programs in Makassar and Lombok to socialize the CHSE protocol for events.

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Source: Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy


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