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Determined Leader Making A Change

“Many leaders promise, we deliver” are encouraging words that Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum lives by. He is the...

Building the Beverly Hills of Asia

Faith Tang’s contribution in shaping the Hong Kong real estate industry to what it is today has made him a...
by: Top 10 of Asia

From Lawyer to Celebrity Cook

It takes a lot of passion, confidence and conviction to venture into a completely new career path and to find...
by: Top 10 of Asia

Lighting Up Life’s Darkened Paths

Taking a firm stand for what one believes strongly in is virtuous but spreading the awareness to others by utilising...
by: Top 10 of Asia

Beyond Books and Borders

Leading geopolitical expert and world traveller Parag Khanna is critically-acclaimed around the world for his groundbreaking theories on global trends,...