Top 10 Team

Top 10 Team

 Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. Yahaya Ibrahim, Chairman, is an educationist and has the rare distinction of serving under all the five Malaysian prime ministers. Tan Sri’s experience in guiding various corporations in facing challenges of globalisation and liberalisation is in no small way helping to bring about success for this initiative – ‘showcasing Malaysia to the world’.
 Dato’ R. Rajendran is the Chief Executive Officer of RHA Media and has a flair and passion for publishing works. His experience in the industry and corporate world is a boon to the quality and excellence of the Top 10 of Malaysia, bringing to light Malaysia’s best of industries and personalities.
  Lee Seng Chee has vast knowledge in the area of publishing and editorial works. His experience in managing people and the results in these areas is a great advantage as he has wide interests in many areas of commerce, banking, education, manufacturing, trade, culture and social sectors. With his rich experience in editorial services he is the managing editor of Top 10 Malaysia.
Thomas Chong, a Fellow at Stanford University, USA is also an Alumnus of the Publishing Course at Yale University, USA. Trained in Education and Psychology, Thomas has written books and contributed many articles to magazines. He also has an M Sc in Curriculum and Instruction as well as a Master’s degree in Education. Thomas graduated from the post-graduate certificate programme in Non-profit Management at Duke University, USA and had also completed executive development courses at Harvard University, twice.

He had also served as a Member of the Government Parliamentary Committee Resource Panel as well as a member of REACH Policy Study Workgroup for Education and Human Capital Excellence in Singapore.

Effectively bilingual in English and Bahasa, this former IBMer won the IBM Asia-Pacific President’s Award in 1998 before moving into the arena as the Deputy CEO of an e-learning company and preparing it for successful listing on the Stock Exchange in Malaysia in the early 2000s.
His work with multi-nationals and the Singapore Government had brought him to many places around Asia and beyond. Thomas is currently the Foreign Correspondent for RHA Media and he writes articles under Top 10 of Asia.

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