Hong Kong’s Top 10 Young Male Entrepreneurs

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Hong Kong, where Western diligence meets Eastern principles, is currently experiencing an exciting surge of homegrown young magnates who are actively changing the playing field of the oriental rat race traditionally dominated by historical corporations. Armed with new ideas and crisp vigour, young moguls are contributing tremendously to the island nation’s economy and growth. In this issue, Top 10 of Asia takes a brief look at its list of the top 10 young male entrepreneurs of Hong Kong (listed in random order) who are making waves in the country’s business scene.

Alan Lo
Press Room Group

Alan Lo Yeung Kit is a restaurateur, a property developer and a prominent voice in Hong Kong’s well-renowned art and design scene. Bloomberg Business Week recently listed this co-founder of Press Room Group, a Hong Kong-based food and beverage group employing more than 500 people nationwide, as one of Asia’s best young entrepreneurs while Artinfo named the man as one of the 30 rising power players of the eastern art scene. Wholly committed to promoting Hong Kong as an important culture and creativity hub, Lo is the chairman of Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design and council member of Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

Kwai Bun
ManyManyCreations Ltd

Kwai Bun, a former globe-trotting flight attendant, is the creator of ManyManyCreations Ltd, a computer graphics enterprise based in Hong Kong city. Founded by the technologist in 2004, ManyManyCreations Ltd is regarded as the fastest growing CG company in Hong Kong and is currently one of the most famed names in the ICT industry. ManyMany’s 10 years of portfolio has earned the company numerous clients from various industries both locally and internationally, including American Express, Adidas and Coca-Cola. His works has garnered him many awards including the World Summit Youth Award awarded in New York in 2010.

Hung Lam
CoDesign Ltd

Born and bred in Hong Kong, Hung Lam established CoDesign Ltd in 2003 with friend and business partner, Eddy Yu. The company specialises in branding and corporate identity and with almost 10 years of experience has earned the trust from many major corporations and institutions in Hong Kong and throughout the world. Besides his enthusiasm for design, Hung is also an active participant in international art design projects and over the years has won various prominent international awards. His works have gained global recognition as well, being placed as part of permanent collections in museums of England, Japan, Germany and Switzerland.

Sunny Kok
Green Tomato Ltd

Running one of the leading mobile solutions consultancies in Hong Kong is Sunny Kok, the Chief Executive Officer of Green Tomato Ltd. The company boasts over 150 mobile applications for its blue chips clients that include BMW Concessionaires (HK) Ltd, Sun Hung Kai Financial and Dah Sing Life Assurance. Kok is renowned for his innovative approach to business processes thanks to more than 15 years of experience in the realm of mobile internet and mobile application in Hong Kong, People’s Republic of China and the Asia Pacific region. Kok’s interests include the advancement of both the local community and the mobile industry.

Freddy Law
Inter Cultural Education

Freddy Waihung Law was born and bred in Hong Kong and gained his Bachelor of Arts degree from the Zhejiang University. Freddy is a social entrepreneur well-known for his award-winning social enterprise, Inter Cultural Education, with offices in Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai. The company functions to develop globally competent youth and spread social innovation throughout the world. Prior to his venture into entrepreneurship, Freddy was a staff in Google Asia’s headquarters in Hyderabad, India. He also sits on the board of advisors for AIESEC of Yat-Sen University in Guangzhou, reflecting his passion for travelling and socialising.

Stark Chan
Bull B Tech

A graduate of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Stark Chan YikHei is one of the most famous inventors in the country. Dubbed the ‘Son of the Star’ by the local media, Chan has an asteroid named after him as recognition of his innovative mind. His inventions are known for their prioritisation of the society’s needs and welfare. In 2006, his autobiography titled ‘Chan YikHei’ was one of the bestsellers of the Hong Kong Book Fair. In 2011, after graduating from the university, Chan launched Bull B Tech, a firm that specialises in developing apps for Apple products.

Kevin She
SC Storage

Having spent most of his childhood in Canada, Kevin She came back with his degree in Economics to work in the family business, which involved the trading of raw materials and chemicals. After finishing his MBA in Southern Illinois University, and in an effort to save his family business, he decided to divide and rent out one of the factories for storage. SC Storage immediately became the first full-time storage company and the first among its peers to have its own website. Utilising She’s skills and foresight, SC Storage began offering mini storages that give 24-7 access to the storage space.

Andre Fu

An alumnus of the University of Cambridge, Andre Fu spent most of his adolescence in the United Kingdom, and proceeded to create AFSO in 2000 upon returning to his birthplace Hong Kong. AFSO is a design studio thoughtfully established by Fu to address the high end needs of hospitality venues. Known for its distinct capability in crafting emotional spaces with Asian sensitivities, AFSO clients include the Four Seasons, Shangri-La, Grand Hyatt International and Waldorf Astoria. Andre also specialises in shaping eloquent dining spaces and galleries, having worked in the restaurant arena for Piacere Italian Restaurant and with the gallerist, Emmanuel Perrotin.

Edwin Lee Kan-hing
Bridgeway Co. Ltd

When it comes to business and finance, Edwin Lee is not just good at it, but passionate about it as well. A U.S. certified Public Accountant, Lee started Bridgeway in 2001 with the intention of catering to those who wish to own a business through the purchases of other small businesses. As acknowledgment of the success of Bridgeway and his entrepreneurial skills, Lee has garnered countless awards in both the local and global scene. In 2010, Lee became the first Asian chairman of the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA) – the largest association for business brokers, based in Chicago, USA.

Wallis Wong
3 Dynamics Ltd

Founded in 2004, 3 Dynamics Ltd is one of the fastest growing mobile service developers based in Hong Kong. It was started by Wallis Wong, who holds an electronic engineering degree and a master’s degree in business administration from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Before becoming a successful entrepreneur, Wong has worked as a research assistant in the City University of Hong Kong and later on as an IT service manager in BMK Networks. 3 Dynamics specialises in mobile game design, as well as 3G and Wi-Fi applications developments with more than 60 mobile game titles worldwide.

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