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Beauty is well sought after by many individuals. In general, everyone yearns to be aesthetically appealing. In this issue, Top 10 of Asia shares its random list of top 10 Thai Aesthetic institutions that have succeeded in turning the dreams of beautifying people into reality. These big institutions provide world-class services equipped with the skills and professionalism of talented and experienced doctors, customer-friendly staff and also various surgical services related to the beauty enhancement of body features catered specifically for every client’s preference.

Nirunda International Aesthetic Clinic

Led by the clinic’s President, Dr Krittiporn Pengsuk, and Medical Director, Dr Vorachai Chuenchompoonut, Nirunda International Aesthetic Clinic provides the most innovative technology with the most up-to-date knowledge for superior quality service. The clinic ushers in a new age of aesthetic medicine and its experienced board-certified physicians are fully qualified in all cosmetic procedures, including aesthetic dermatology, facial design surgery, cell-assisted lipotransfer, breast surgery, body surgery and sex reassignment surgery. Nirunda’s clinical facility comprises two operation rooms, an admission room, seven treatment rooms and a cell processing unit. Additionally, its international receptionist team is experienced in meeting the cultural needs of overseas clients and communicating in foreign languages such as English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Bahasa and French.

Metro Bangkok Clinic

Metro Bangkok Clinic is one of the leading beauty design centers in Thailand that offers the safest and best-performing technologies which are approved by both local and United States’ Food and Drug Administration. Its aesthetic procedures have produced satisfying results as its clients looked and felt better physically after surgical procedures. Metro Bangkok Clinic is a VIP Class aesthetic center with individual tracking systems for customized treatments. It also allows quality reports and follow-ups for its doctors’ convenience and efficiency.

Revival Clinic

Founded by Dr Chontirot Srikasedsarakul, Revival Clinic sets its clinic in a tranquil environment in order to deliver a bespoke experience that is unique for every client. The clinic caters to each client’s specific request to provide satisfactory personalised services. Revival Clinic’s wide range of aesthetic treatments including surgical treatments are non-invasive and its services specialises in a holistic approach to health, well-being and beauty. Its professionally trained staff prioritises patients’ comfort and privacy while its founder plans personalised protocols and combines medicine, laser treatments, nutrition and other anti-aging procedures to ensure all patients receive the best aesthetic treatment results.

Lotus Medical International

Lotus Medical International is led by Grainne Farrell and it has been providing high quality cosmetic surgery in Thailand since 2007. Known as one of the most experienced aesthetic providers in the market place, Lotus Medical has an unequivocal focus on the standard of the surgeons and hospitals that it works with. Its services encompass dental surgery, cosmetic surgery, and plastic surgery procedures. It also provides its clients with full support by way of a dedicated English-speaking nurse to support them throughout their aesthetic surgery experience.

Asia Cosmetic Hospital

Headed by Principal Plastic Surgeon, Dr Tanongsak Panyawirunroj, Asia Cosmetic Hospital is one of the most well-known plastic surgery hospitals in Thailand with a Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation. Its hospital is equipped with modernised medical equipment and professional staff that assist in providing a comfortable hospital service to all clients. The hospital’s well-qualified cardiologist, anesthesiologist and a team of specialists in the medical field work together to ensure that aesthetic surgeries go smoothly and are safe for all clients. Its plastic surgeons are accredited by the Association of Plastic Surgeons in world class standards such as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Prinya Plastic Surgery and Laser Centre

Founded by Associate Prof Dr Prinya Soontrapornchai, Prinya Plastic Surgery and Laser Centre provides a comprehensive approach to plastic surgery and skin health that are specifically tailored to the needs of every client at reasonable prices. All lasers, electro-cautery and liposuction machines are approved by the United States’ Food and Drug Administration. Its medical equipment and devices are sterilized using autoclave and ethylene oxide to prevent infection. Among its services include nose and chin implants, V-beam laser for correction of freckle and pigmentation, liposuction and tummy tuck.

Yanhee Hospital

Founded by Dr Supot Sumritvanitcha, Yanhee Hospital has multi-specialty treatment centers in plastic surgery and general medicine to aid in the growing health needs of Thailand’s and international communities. Its beauty treatments and plastic surgeries are incorporated into a framework of a 400-bed medically licensed institution to assure that clients are provided with the highest quality medical services. Yanhee offers a wide range of cosmetic, plastic surgery, and various other medical services such as facelifts, tummy-tuck procedures, liposuctions, botox injections, dental whitening, facial treatments, hair transplants, obstetrics and pediatrics. It has an international clientele from around 162 countries.

Thai Medical Vacation

Founded by John Baxter in 2008, Thai Medical Vacation is a private healthcare administrator in Thailand that offers premium quality elective medical treatments in cities such as Samui, Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai and Pattaya. The clinic provides affordable and high quality services such as wellness related therapies and dental related services. Its entire medical staff is Board Certified Doctors at internationally accredited hospitals, radiology diagnostic labs and private medical centers. Thai Medical provides over 245 different kinds of cosmetic surgeries and over 90 alternative medical therapies.


Dermaster is Thailand’s premier wellness and aesthetic institute providing personalised services with four branches in Bangkok, Thailand. It has served around more than 5,000 clients and its aesthetic enhancement services range from plastic surgery, aesthetic, body slimming to hair transplantation procedures with highly developed medical technology and patient-oriented medical services. The institution’s luxurious state-of-the-art facilities are divided into 5 private beauty centers which include the plastic surgery centre, hair restoration and transplantation centre, skin laser and aesthetic centre plus body slimming center.

Bangkok Plastic Surgery

Helmed by board certified surgeon, Dr Pichet Rodchareon, Bangkok Plastic Surgery provides professional aesthetic services such as liposuction surgery, facial plastic surgery, rhinoplasty surgery, double eyelid surgery, facial feminisation surgery, hair transplant surgery, face lift surgery and lip augmentation surgery. Dr Pichet has performed more than 3,000 professional and satisfactory aesthetic surgical procedures on international and local clients.