Top 10 Malaysian Startups In The Export Business

by | Mar 22, 2017 | Rankings | 0 comments

While Malaysia sees a yearly increase in companies exporting products or services overseas, little is known of these companies. Furthermore, the growing number of startups that Malaysia is experiencing makes it difficult for one not to wonder if there is somewhat of a parallel between the two. Here is a look at Top 10 of Malaysia’s pick of the nations’ top 10 startups exporting internationally and excelling in fields like health and beauty beverages, consulting, Agarwood products, Solar Back Film manufacturing, online retail, bath products and timber exporting.

Founded by Zen Tai in Sungai Petani, Kedah, Fusion Agarwood Sdn Bhd benefits from Tai’s decade-long experience in finance and food exportation. Along with a group of like-minded friends, he researches and develops a wide variety of affordable Agarwood products. In 2016, the team introduced the patented “Allergic Stress Strain Nanotechnology Inoculation”, an advanced environmentally-friendly technology for resin development. A combination of professionals from various sectors, an international team, and the passion to promote Agarwood culture contributes to the company’s rapid growth indeed. It is no wonder they have penetrated countries like China and Thailand.

Faizal Nayan

Fana Couture Sdn Bhd on the other hand is an online and offline store selling Hijab collections, and Muslimah apparel on seasonal periods. Established a few years ago by Faizal Nayan and starting out in the cottage industry, the company has since grown rapidly with an office and showroom now in the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur. They also have three physical boutiques located at Bangi Sentral, Shah Alam and Kuala Terengganu. Garnering exposure into other countries is unsurprising as they engage experienced tailors for an international-standard workmanship, which is a must for all collections. Firmly believing in quality service, the company constantly strives to be the top Hijab and Muslimah apparel provider.

Ir. Justin Lai Woon Fatt

In consulting, we have IPM Professional Services Sdn Bhd. Established by Ir. Justin Lai Woon Fatt, it is the first professional engineering consulting firm granted a Franchise License by the Malaysian government. Lai’s determination and mental psyche makes the impossible, possible and the firm has expanded robustly in recent years. Hence, the involvement of IPM in projects overseas such as those in South Africa and Pakistan. To top it off, Lai is also the Honorary Treasurer of IEM Southern Branch at The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM) and Committee Member of The Boss Club of Malaysia.

Gayatthiri Tavamani

Majee International Sdn Bhd started in January 2016 as a timber product sourcing agency for buyers across South East Asia and is the brainchild of Gayatthiri Tavamani. Additional support from suppliers and tremendous effort by the team has led to the exporting of sawn timber from West Malaysia in the third quarter of 2016. Majee is undoubtedly making a head start with India as a current major market. Nevertheless, considering the market inflation, purchases are managed to ensure product and market stability. Future plans include expansion into the Middle East market.

Imperia Asia Resources Sdn Bhd, a progressive company founded by Muhammad Tarmizie Bidin with the assistance of Zulkifly Salleh and Meor Dzulkernie Meor Aris as part of the Board of Directors, is actively expanding its reach having penetrated markets in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Laos, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Europe, Turkey and Middle East. Meeting the high demand in international markets to improve the health and beauty of consumers, its main strength lies in the quality of its products, which consists mainly of health and beauty beverages. As the company is aware that the health and beauty industry is bound to dominate global markets in future, it manufactures all its products on its own. Having high standards with a touch of modern technology to meet stringent food safety requirements, Imperia Asia ensures product freshness and cleanliness.

Another company in consultation is Arms Worldwide Sdn Bhd, founded by Dzahaman Abdul Rahman in 2016. For a young company, it is interesting to note that its clients include big names like Petronas. Its services include vessel chartering, marine crew supply, offshore catering and product supply for industries like oil and gas, medical and information technology.

Not forgetting those who are doing their part for the environment, there is MS Innovation New Energy Sdn Bhd. A producer of Solar Back Film, the company has a list of local and international partners supporting their business endeavours.

Molecq Maju Sdn Bhd specialises in products for faucet fittings, showers, bathroom accessories and others under the FILTON and MODERN DEPOT brand. The company also supplies jacuzzi and spa products.

Founded in 2013, Annajah Integrated Marketing Sdn Bhd is making the cut and forging ahead. The company provides beverages such as snacks, coffee, cocoa and goat’s milk products that are in strict compliance with the rules of Prophet Muhammad. Having won an award recently, Annajah shows no signs of slowing down.

ED Food Care Sdn Bhd is an enterprise that provides a long list of enzyme products together with food and beverages. Focusing on consumable products for healthcare and already on an aggressive path for export, ED Food Care will be soaring to greater heights in the near future.