Top 10 Most Mesmerising Magicians in Singapore

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Since the beginning of time, human beings have been fascinated by illusions. Nature was full of them and man, being the story-telling animal, constructed all manner of explanations in an effort to uncover the truth. Somewhere along the way, we developed the ability to harness illusions of our own – magic in its most primordial form. The nimble hands adept at weaving such finely threaded webs of deception captured the public’s adulation and wonderment. They thrived off it. They knew that this was, in fact, the real magic. While the make and manner of illusions have shifted over the centuries, our fascination with them has remained the same. In this most spellbinding of editions, Top 10 of Asia pulls from the hat its list of Singapore’s top ten most mesmerising magicians, presented here in no particular order. 

Experience Magic

Jasper Lee is known for his unique blend of comedy mixed with mind-blowing magic and is one of the most popular entertainers in Singapore today. An international award winner and communications graduate, Jasper is a professional close-up magician with over 10 years of commercial experience. He can count Fortune 500 companies and clients from all over the world in his portfolio. Having performed at major entertainment hubs such as Resorts World Sentosa, Marina Bay Sands, and the Singapore Flyer – he has also done birthday parties, private events, engagement celebrations, weddings, restaurants, corporate dinners and dances (you name it and he’s probably done it). Jasper is fully dedicated to providing a unique and memorable experience that audiences can appreciate.

Meta Illusions

Founded in 2012, Meta Illusions is led by Asia’s Top iPad Illusionist, Alexander Yuen. Alexander has performed for royalties, top corporations like Netflix and Google, and luxury brands such as Chanel, Hermes, and Bvlgari among others. Meta Illusions’ philosophy is to create magic beyond deception and illusions. By combining theatrically meaningful elements in their performances, their magic sets them apart from other magicians. Focusing on the theatrical aspect of magic, Meta Illusions has produced several theatrical magic shows in the past years. Highly sought after for private functions as well as corporate get-togethers all over the world, their magic will take your event to the next level. No doubt an ideal choice for luxury and high-end events.


The Astonishing Team of Mentalists, commonly known as ATOM in Singapore, is an international award-winning mentalist and magician team led by Alvin Terence. ATOM has performed for a prestigious clientele that includes celebrities, politicians, and Fortune 500 companies. With entertaining performances that mystify the audience, they make the perfect corporate event entertainers. From impossible mind-reading tricks to fast sleight of hand magic, they leave onlookers bedazzled and astonished with every turn and flourish. ATOM pride itself on being value for money and offer a money-back guarantee and instant replacements for talents unable to attend a gig. Be it onstage or online, ATOM is ready to bring the magic to wherever you are. 

Stefan Ebinger

Born and raised in Germany, magician Stefan Ebinger now plies his trade in Singapore where he’s built quite the reputation for himself. Client events, company dinners, and sales meetings are all livened up by his presence and though Germans suffer a reputation for not having a sense of humour, Stefan bucks that trend in emphatic fashion. A fixture of the scene since 2002, Stefan has performed his brand of close-up and stage magic at many different venues in Singapore and around the world. An expert communicator with that all-important human touch, Stefan is an engaging act sure to bring some colour to every situation. 

Tricky Patrick 

Tricky Patrick is Singapore’s foremost children’s magician. He is prolific if anything, performing over 300 shows a year in Singapore where he brings his more than 15 years of experience. Funny and energetic, Tricky Patrick is a hit with the kids. You can tell he’s on the scene by the raucous laughter and squeals of delight he leaves in his wake. The man himself has said: “If the kids don’t laugh, we’ll tear the cheque!”. Having been featured on media such as Good Morning Singapore, Channel NewsAsia, Motherhood magazine and Lifestyle magazine, Tricky Patrick is a well-known quantity that supplies the good times in spades. 

Derek Magic

Born and raised in Singapore, Derek developed an interest in magic at an early age. What was then a childhood hobby has now blossomed into a lifelong passion and profession. Graduating from Monash University with a Bachelor in Computing Science, Derek began his career as an information technology engineer. He would indulge his passion for magic on the weekends, performing or creating balloon sculptures on the street. The audience’s delight, especially that of the children’s, made it all worthwhile and eventually, the pull to perform became much too strong. Derek left his job and never looked back. Derek’s funny and interesting persona makes him popular with the kids, while his unassuming style for more mature performances lends him a different quality from your typically slick practitioner of the illusory arts.

The Magic of Joe Yu

Joe Yu is a Singaporean magician and illusionist with an international reputation. His refreshing approach to magic and the nature of his cutting-edge illusions have seen him garner a host of awards and widespread acclaim. Joe’s dazzling performances feature well-trained birds, show breed rabbits, special effects, and animatronic elements – truly a feast for the senses. Joe seeks to bring the kind of theatrical experience you’d see on a night out on Broadway or Vegas right to the heart of Singapore. A magical journey of wonder, mystery, and drama, it’s a show not to be missed. 

AMAZING Productions

AMAZING Productions is a community of magicians based in Singapore who makes it their mission to plant smiles on the faces of their audience and sow the seeds of joy in their hearts. They focus primarily on creating a personalised magical experience and seek to do so at reasonable rates. Their services include interactive roving magic where the performers rotate from table to table to engage with the guests – perfect for more intimate settings. For larger gatherings, AMAZING Productions’ stage magic should do the trick. Customised to suit the nature of the celebrations, every performance is unique and sure to be a memorable experience. 

Magic Essential 

The magician behind Magic Essential is the ever-impressive Martin Goh. He specialises in close-up magic and doubles up as a wedding emcee as he loves interacting with the audience. Deriving great joy from learning, practising, and performing magic, Martin’s passion has led him to become an excellent illusionist – with some of his tricks being able to fool even other magicians. His style of magic is highly visual and some of his tricks even play out right in the guest’s hands! Close-up magic doesn’t get much closer than that, and that is why Martin is such a popular pick for weddings and parties that need that magical touch.

Magic of Markson

Markson first fell in love with magic at the age of seven. Little did he know at the time just how much magic would come to shape his life. Markson carried on honing his craft throughout his school years and with the help of several encouraging teachers, he was soon performing in front of his peers at the school’s assembly, festive celebrations, and even talent competitions outside of the school. He’d already won several competitions and was putting on paid performances by age 13. Markson focuses on performing for children nowadays. Being a father of two, he realised that that was where the joy and satisfaction in performing lay. Rest assured that with Markson, your child’s birthday party is in the best of hands.