Top Nations in Asia – A Survey on Asian Countries

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The diverse continent of Asia is certainly thriving in many aspects as globalization has increased rapidly in this part of the world. Year after year, the nations in Asia continue to find success on many fronts and each is not without its own uniqueness. In a recent online poll conducted by Top 10 of Asia for various categories that range from being the best island nation destination to Asia’s most liveable city, the poll results for the top Asian nations make for an interesting read.

Top Nations in Asia – A Survey on Asian Countries - Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand

Under the Asia’s Best Island Nation Destination category, Thailand emerged top and it is no surprise. Universally known as one of the top holiday spots for its island resorts welcoming thousands of tourists every year, it’s the perfect spot for a laid back vacation by the serene waters enjoying the tropical weather. As for Asia’s Top Nation for Youth Development, Qatar came out top. Qatar is committed to youth development and its programmes are certainly moving in the right direction. An example would be Qatar Football Federation introducing an Under-23 League to run alongside their already existing Under 10, 14, 17, and 19 tournaments to develop young football talent.

Medical tourism plays an important role in South Korea’s development, and it came up top in the Asia’s Top Nation for Medical Tourism poll category. South Korea is a leader in this sector and its medical tourism market is projected to reach nearly USD 2 billion by 2022. The country’s top hospitals offer world class treatment for foreign tourists at a significantly lower price as compared to countries like the US and France.

Kuala Lumpur received the highest number of votes for Asia’s Most Liveable City. The metropolitan city has great internet and telecommunication services, water sanitation, proper housing supplies, easy access to public transportation and plenty of restaurants which make it an excellent spot to live in. Following closely on its heels in this poll category were Singapore and Manila.

On the other side of the continent, Bangladesh comes out top for Asia’s Fastest Growing nation for Manufacturing. Although rarely talked about, Bangladesh is the world’s second largest ready-made garment exporting country, generating almost USD30 billion every year. Cambodia is also catching up on them, after years of solid growth in the manufacturing industry. Its neighboring country, Laos, was voted Asia’s Nation with Most Promising Economy. The government of Laos has set its target for economic development at 7%, one of the highest among countries in Asia, a highly commendable effort.

Top Nations in Asia – A Survey on Asian Countries - hong kong

Hong Kong, China

When it comes to Asia’s Top Nation for Export, China was voted number one. China exported a whopping USD2 trillion worth of goods in 2016. It has now overtaken the United States in this aspect of economic achievements.

As for Asia’s Best Country to Start a Business, Singapore is hard to beat. The Lion City is known to have a highly beneficial environment for entrepreneurs. When it comes to business regulations, permits, contracts and the like, it is the ideal country for business startups. Thailand and China were also not too far behind in this category of the poll. Singapore’s neighboring country, Malaysia, made it to be Asia’s Top Nation for Attracting Foreign Investment. Its pro-business government offers many incentives to investors such as tax breaks on capital expenditures for research and development and exemption for duties on imports. Hong Kong leads the poll on Asia’s Most Business-Friendly Country, not to be confused with the poll category on Asia’s Best Country to Start a Business. With its strategic location, business-friendly immigration policies and steady economic growth, the country offers a lot of support to help companies expand.

Top Nations in Asia – A Survey on Asian Countries - tokyo

Tokyo, Japan

Japan emerged top in the Asia’s Nation with Best Infrastructure poll category. Despite having excellent infrastructure and one of the best work forces in the world, the government is not stopping there as it plans to spend another USD61 billion to speed up construction and aid building projects.

Top Nations in Asia – A Survey on Asian Countries - India


With Asia being a food heaven, it certainly is difficult picking one country that serves the best. India was voted number one under the poll category of Best Food Country in Asia with China, Japan and Thailand trailing close behind. With the abundance of spice and flavoring, the Indians take their food seriously and are recognized as having some of the best dishes in the world.

Indonesia is blessed with richness in natural wonders. It is also rich in tradition and also home to some great historical myths and legends. Indonesia received the highest votes for Asia’s Top Nation with Natural Wonders and with its fascinating volcanoes, islands, jungles, parks and mountains, it is indeed a showcase for the rest of the world to admire.