Nikka Kitchen & Lounge officially opened its doors to the public early 2022. The unique mini café exudes a warm, friendly atmosphere with good food, and more importantly, a good time for all its patrons. Located along the bustling Jalan Maharajalela in Kuala Lumpur, Nikka finds itself tucked neatly in one of the ground floor premises of an office block facing the Merdeka 118 towering skyscraper. 

The café exudes an intimate, cosy atmosphere as one enters. Evoking a feeling of closeness without veering into the constricting, the place feels like it was arranged with an emphasis on meaningful human connections in mind. Perfect for family gatherings or hearty reunions between old friends, Nikka Kitchen & Lounge feels personal, the ambience inviting expressions of warmth and nostalgic sentiments.

The décor is tasteful, with each wall sporting a different motif and visual texture to it. Diverse without being discordant, the variety of patterns used draws the eye from one wall to another. Sleek white and gold tables, subtle lighting, and soft pastel chairs complete the optical ensemble.

The well-curated menu presents a mix of tastefully executed casual café fare, sumptuous local delights, and bite-sized enjoyments. Nikka’s Mexican Party Wings are a delicately balanced mélange of sweet, sour, and spicy. They’re of sizeable proportions too – an ideal platter for sharing and a good way to start things off.

The fried Samosas are also popular among diners. Consisting of a crisp outer shell that breaks lightly upon biting, it gives way to a soft and mildly curried filling that seems to immediately warm the insides. The Signature Korean Boxing Chicken, bite-sized and wrapped in foil by the bone, is spicy without quite delving into eye-watering territory. A dish that will satisfy both those looking for a bit of kick and the less capsaicin-inclined.

Nikka’s main courses include dishes such as the Spaghetti Chicken Bolognese – a café classic that because of its ubiquity, simply has to be exceptionally done to be at all notable. Nikka’s version most certainly hits the mark. The Spaghetti Seafood Carbonara is outstanding as well; being of gentle texture, flavourful tomato influence, and coming with a generous helping of prawns and squid. 

The Mee Mamak Special is a standout here. If you thought that this dish doesn’t get any better than at your go-to mamak, Nikka’s version might just be the thing to swing your opinion the other way. Satisfyingly moist and pleasantly comforting, this is a dish that feels at once familiar and yet different; different in a way that makes it clear upon the first bite that this is a dish prepared to the exacting standards of the café. 

Promising good food at reasonable prices and an easy-going ambience, Nikka Kitchen & Lounge has all the ingredients necessary to establish itself as a lively mainstay of the area for years to come.