After a hiatus of 3 years due to the pandemic, the Top Asia Corporate Ball organised by Top 10 of Malaysia and Top 10 of Asia (a Kuala Lumpur based research and media organisation) hosted a grand celebration night with guests being distinguished CEOs, business owners, and personalities from across Malaysia and Asia.

The international gala dinner was a culmination of the publication’s celebration of the achievements of towering personalities, corporations, and even countries in Asia. Top 10 unveiled the best of the best which showcased inspiring stories of achievements that help to spur many others on to strive for success in their own fields of endeavour. The event saw the presentation of recognitions by YAM Tunku Mariam Zaharah almarhum Sultan Iskandar to outstanding and inspiring achievers from diverse cultures, industries, and personalities.

Carlsberg Malaysia was among the outstanding giant brands that were honoured for their impactful sustainability and corporate social responsibility initiatives carried out throughout Malaysia. Its Director of Corporate Affairs & Sustainability, Pearl Lai, represented the leading global brewer in receiving the Malaysia’s Best In Sustainability Leadership award.

Among the entertainers and celebrities who received recognitions during the Ball were Shaheizy Sam, Celebrity Chef – Datuk Redzuawan Ismail, Sharifah Amani, silat exponent Mohd Al-Jufferi Jamari, astronaut Datuk Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor and junior artiste, Aisha Retno. Top 10 publications also honoured Wan Jamila Wan Shaiful Bahri, a very special, unique, and talented young person who is an award-winning savant artist known worldwide.

Outstanding SMEs and service providers honoured include Skyhill Clinic, AG Nutrition, Yuan Design, 1 Doc Holding, Burnin Pit, ST Rosyam, Superwomen, Origin Integrated Studios and Biotech Filtration.

Tajikistan Awarded the Prize for Asia’s Most Interesting Hiking Destination

Tajikistan Awarded the Prize for Asia’s Most Interesting Hiking Destination

Tajikistan was awarded the coveted title of Asia’s Most Interesting Hiking Destination Country at the recently concluded Top Asia Corporate Ball 2022/23. The award ceremony recognised the country’s diverse and stunning landscape, which is ideal for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts.

The award was presented to Tajikistan’s ambassador to Malaysia, H.E. Mr Ardasher S. Qodir by YAM Tunku Mariam Zaharah Almarhum Sultan Iskandar in appreciation for the country’s natural beauty. Tajikistan boasts of the Pamir Mountains, which are part of the Himalayas and the tallest mountain range in the world. The region offers a unique blend of culture and natural wonders, attracting tourists from around the world.

For those who desire a dose of adventure in their travels, Tajikistan is a country well worth keeping in view. Hikers will find themselves making their way through majestic mountain passes and around the lip of picturesque lakes. Deserts and icy tundras are yet more of the diverse topographical features that the largely unexplored Central Asian country has to offer.

During the Corporate Ball, six other countries were given recognitions based on the results of recent Top 10 surveys for the categories of: Laos – Asia’s Top Best-Value-For-Money Tourism Country, Thailand – Asia’s Most Tourism Friendly Country, Cambodia – Asia’s Top Tourist Destination Country, Philippines – Asia’s Best Country for Women’s Equality, Maldives – Asia’s Best Country for Resorts and Nepal – Asia’s Best Country for Extreme Sports.

The organisers, Top 10 publications, also honoured 3 outstanding giant brands as well as 3 outstanding giant companies from Malaysia for their impactful sustainability and corporate social responsibility initiatives carried out throughout the nation. They are Carlsberg Malaysia, Kumpulan Perangsang Selangor Berhad, McDonald’s Malaysia, 7-Eleven, Astro Malaysia and KPJ Healthcare.

Top 10 Malaysian Personalities During Covid-19 Pandemic (Part 1)

Top 10 Malaysian Personalities During Covid-19 Pandemic (Part 1)

In the face of the Covid-19 pandemic and the difficulties of the Movement Control Order (MCO), many news of Malaysians doing their part to support the frontliners as well as helping the underprivileged communities have been making rounds on social media. Here, Top 10 of Malaysia shares its list of the top 10 personalities who are considered national heroes in their efforts in helping the nation overcome this hardship and move on .

Datuk Dr Noor Hisham, Director-General of Health Malaysia

Dr Noor Hisham rose to fame ever since the outbreak of the virus. With his calm demeanour in handling the crisis, he has become the face of consistency and hope as the country battles the Covid-19 pandemic. His hard work have made him a beloved figure in the country. He has even gained the recognition of international media, who ranked him as one of the “world’s top doctors”.

Datuk Dr Noor Hisham

Dato Dr Ahmad Faizal Perdaus, President of Mercy Malaysia

In addition to deploying the emergency response team, Dato Dr Ahmad Faizal Perdaus and his team also set up mobile clinics, distribute hygiene kits, as well as providing essentials such as food, face masks, hand sanitisers, PPE suits. Mercy Malaysia has also launched its own donation drive, where the funds are used to help test high risk and vulnerable communities including rural areas where there are newly identified clusters.

Melinda Looi, President of Malaysia Official Designers Association (MODA)

Looi led an initiative to sew PPE for front-liners to meet the demand from local hospitals while also joining forces with FashionValet in a fund raising campaign to buy fabric to sew PPEs. The association also teamed up with Islamic Medical Association of Malaysia to distribute gowns to its network of hospitals.

Melissa Tan, CEO of Getha

The company worked together with MODA to produce more PPE head covers and body suits for hospital front-liners while also donating latex mattresses and pillows to quarantine centres, clinics and hospitals across the nation.

John-Hans Oei, CEO of Cultiveat

Cultiveat decided to give away some of its harvested produce to the underprivileged communities while also bringing its business online to cope with the surplus produce brought about by low demand from their F&B partners. Since the start of MCO, it has partnered with NGOs to deliver fresh vegetables to the refugees, the disabled and the poor families while also supplying food to the medical frontliners.

Tengku Zatashah Idris, Volunteer at Kechara Soup Kitchen, Board of Trustees at Food Bank Malaysia Foundation, founded #zerofoodwastage

Renowned for her social initiatives, Tengku Zatasha’s main goal was to continue to get food for the vulnerable during Movement Control Order (MCO) period. She has also assisted in getting funding as well as the approval of the Federal Territories authorities, ensuring that Kechara Kitchen is able move around to help the communities during the MCO.

Tengku Zatasha Idris

Datin Vivy Yusof & Dato Fadzarudin Anuar, Founder of FashionValet

When Datin Vivy saw the chairman of Universiti Teknologi Mara donating portable air conditioners to hospitals, she decided to follow suit. The couple donated air conditioners, laptops, cash and food. They have also put together a crowd funding site for front-liners and have managed to raised more than RM1 million.

Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew, Founder of Country Heights Conglomerate

Tan Sri Lee pulled resources from his healthcare and wellness arm and initiated a non-profit move to provide equipment for front-liners. Following his decision to bring in 30 million masks and 200,000 personal protection equipment from overseas, he chartered a private plane to China and brought back the items.

Hanna AlkafMalaysian author. Launched #kitajagakita initiative with a group of volunteer

Hanna was looking for a platform which can make it easier for people to donate or volunteer their services and that was when she launched, which has garnered nationwide attention. Her effort did not go unnoticed as it has benefited organisations such as Women Aid’s Organisation, Mercy Malaysia, and Befrienders KL. Her efforts have brought much relief to some of the most vulnerable communities in the country.

Hanna Alkaf

William Cheah and YiLyn Chan, Founders of Kembara Kitchen

One the first week of MCO, they delivered supper to the doctors and nurses who were working the night shift at Hospital Sungai Buloh. They also ensured that the vulnerable communities are taken care of by providing care packages containing groceries and meals to the families affected by the MCO, the homeless as well as the disabled. However, their humanitarian works are not limited to just taking care of humans for they have also delivered frozen food to Zoo Negara for the animals, which are donated by Tesco Malaysia and Japanese Restaurant Maruki Ramen.