DJ Tenashar – Creating Success, One Track at A time

by | Aug 15, 2016 | Talented | 0 comments

Sugar, spice and everything nice may not be even close to describing this bombshell of a talent unless something is as sweet as a beat, spicy as a riff and much nicer than a scratch. Debbie Valerie Tenashar Long, or better known as DJ Tenashar is a “ten”, that’s for sure and we ascribe this numerical value to this remarkable lady for various reasons. Hold your breath for we shall count them down as frantically as one of her EDM tracks.  

Before she found her passion and garnered success in the deck, Tenashar was a financial broker for a prestigious firm.  She was the top broker for 3 consecutive years and she had a promising career ahead of her, but she felt like a part of her was missing; she was a passionate lady, but her job as a financial broker just wasn’t it. Taking the leap of faith, she left her job and became a model. She appeared in several magazines before she found her true calling towards music, and was soon ranked number 87 on DJ Magazine’s Top 100.

When asked what fuelled her roaring engines to succeed, Tenashar gave us the sort of picture-perfect answer.  Her response was; “chasing my dreams, following my passions and working hard at something that I love compound the amount of the pleasure that I get when my milestones are a beautifully manicured fingertip away”, But what are these milestones that she is talking about? One example she gave was the day she signed with Universal- one of the world’s biggest record company. Feeling honored, she could not hold back her joyful tears, but her tears weren’t just for her success.

For Tenashar, every gig and every show she does leaves her with one remarkable experience and she truly lives for her fans, and realizing how her music gives her generation and the generations to come an inspiration that in the face of adversity, one should always stand up and never back down is one of the many reasons why she wakes up and hits the turntables every day. In addition to that, she makes people who come into her life see the sun where once only clouds were.

Last track and definitely not with the least heat, DJ Tenashar looks forward to her fans and us, potential ones, to jam to her latest tracks that she has been spending a lot of time concocting. She promises a future house sound and as expectations are sky-high, and since this lady is a pioneer, it is only safe to say that we’re keeping them dancing shoes ready.