Julie Estelle – The Journey Towards Perfection

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I was born in Jakarta and my parentage is half French and half Indonesian.  I lived and grew up there for some time before moving to Bali for 7 years. I then moved back to Jakarta and have never left since, and I can speak French because I learned it during high school.

I have a sister, Cathy who started being a model and MTV VJ when she was young herself. Not long after she had started in this field, I was also offered to cast for a TV commercial in 2005. The same year I started acting in movies as well and that’s how my professional career took off. At first it was the difficult to juggle time between school and work. Now it’s just the long working hours, but I guess that right now, I am already used to it and quite frankly, I have learned to enjoy it.

My part as “hammergirl” in the The Raid 2 (2014) was somewhat life changing to be honest. It opened me to a totally different world of martial arts, which is something totally new to me. It took me 6 months of heavy training to master the choreography as I had no martial art background whatsoever.

I am a very organized person and I like to plan things and set goals in everything I do. And I value discipline and punctuality. Also, the thought of achieving my goals is a strong driver for me to keep pushing forward.

I have achieved many things throughout my professional career, but what I will consider to be my greatest achievement is the fact that I have been able to be independent and provide for myself since I was 17.

And everyone can achieve a lot of things if they believe in themselves. So always believe in yourself no matter what you do and what people say.



Speaking of self-belief, my parents have always believed in me and supported me since I started until now. They are my role models.

In my line of work I admire Johnny Depp because of his choices of various roles he is always a great actor. And Leonardo di Caprio as he’s not just a great actor, he is also an environmentalist and that is something I happen to relate to.

I don’t know if I am still going to be active in the industry say 10 years later, but regardless I have a dream to conduct my own businesses. In fact I have already started a business – I am running an agro business with my sisters, where we provide healthy kale base snacks. Our brand is the kale tale (follow our Instagram – @thekaletale for more info). I am passionate about food, so in the future I hope to have my own restaurant or cafe.



I try to manage to keep my life in balance by sparing some time for a holiday after long projects. It is very important for me to have some time to “recharge”.

Maybe it’s because I grew up in Bali so I love beaches. To me the beach gives me comfort. There’s a place I love to go every year here in Indonesia called Gili Island. I went there for the first time in 2007. I fell in love with that place on my first visit.



My latest movie, Headshot, is going to be intense for sure, and other than that you will just have to watch it yourself!


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