Top 10 Electrifying Filipino Singers

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The Phillipines is home to a strong music culture. A common household item in Filipino households is the karaoke machine. Many having been introduced to music from a young age, it is no wonder that the Phillippines has produced so many notable singers. Top 10 of Asia looks at its list, in alphabetical order, of 10 Electrifying Filipino Singers.

1. Jed Madela

Jed Madela

2. Jona Viray

Jona Viray

3. Julie Anne San Jose

Julie Ann San Jose

4. KZ Tandingan

KZ Tandingan

5. Marcelito Pomoy
6. Melanie “Kyla” Alvarez7. Morissette Amon
8. Sarah Geronimo
9. Sheryn Regis

Sheryn Regis

10. Yeng Constantino

Filipino singing is still thriving and very much a powerhouse in the region and globally.


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