Introducing Vie Won Won – Shek Tong Tsui’s Newest Destination for Immersive Fusion Dining

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As the neighbourhood of Shek Tong Tsui gains popularity, exciting new haunts such as Vie Won Won have recently opened in the area. Originally situated in the heart of Causeway Bay, Vie Won Won’s relocation along South Lane marks a refreshing new chapter, where intimate fusion dining takes an exciting turn for captivating multisensory experiences that raise awareness for local subcultures. Celebrated for its chill ambience, eclectic décor and delectable menu, each element has been carefully curated to create pleasant experiences that foster a sense of community.

Vie Won Won’s kitchen, helmed by Chef Alfred Leung, presents a brand new menu that showcases seasonal dishes that draw inspiration from both local and global comfort foods. Chef Alfred’s signature Matcha Lamb Chops (HK$298) combine two unexpected ingredients in a balanced fusion dish that cuts through the meat’s gaminess, presenting a pleasant amalgamation of flavours, and neighbourhood-favourite Steak & Everything (HK$198) combines perfectly-cooked steak, portobello mushroom, English sausage, scrambled Japanese eggs with chilli, cherry tomatoes and hashbrowns, with a vegetarian version also available. 

Matcha Lamb Chops

Steak & Everything

Drawing inspiration from a traditional local delicacy, the Numb & Spicy Clams (HK$118) are a special take on the classic wok-fried dish, packing a pleasurable heat that saturates the taste buds with bold flavours. Conclude the feast with the ornately-plated Magic Mushroom (HK$98) dessert for a whimsical ending that satisfies the senses.

Placing emphasis on creating shared dining experiences, Vie Won Won now offers a Dinner Set Menu, for groups of two (HK$768) and four (HK$1,428), each of which features a diverse array of delicious plates. Begin with the Tarte Tatin Pommes Foie Gras and Soup of the Day made fresh, and choose between the main courses offered, each intricately presented to showcase international flavours, including Hanger Steak with Roasted Beef Bone Marrow and the lighter Black Codfish with Roe & Creamy Garlic Butter Bubble. Next is a selection of carbohydrates to indulge in, such as Lobster Tsukemen and Crab Meat Risotto, before ending the feast with a playful and ornately-plated dessert.

Lobster Tsukemen

Tuna Wagyu Beef Tartare

Chef Alfred previously trained under Michelin-starred Gaddi’s former chef Ken Lau, fine-tuning his gourmet culinary skills at Palco Ristorante. After 11 years at this fine dining establishment, Chef Alfred joined Vie Won Won, where he focuses on creating unique fusion dishes that amplify local flavours, shifting towards authentic Hong Kong classics crafted with high-quality ingredients and perfected techniques. His love for seafood manifests in Vie Won Won’s menu, where he works with coveted ingredients such as sea bass, clams, and lobster to create balanced flavours that satisfy the tastes of all.

Vie Won Won’s expansive two-storey space is decorated to further enhance the dining experience with its funky and eclectic collection of vintage décor, and rustic accents that create a homely atmosphere. The restaurant is embellished in muted tones and pockets of natural lighting, making it a photogenic backdrop for special occasions and private events.

Dine on the pet-friendly lush outdoor terrace area for a breath of fresh air, or sit indoors as you indulge in excellent food, during an immersive dining experience. Vie Won Won is set apart from other restaurants across the city by its dedication to celebrating local cultures and raising awareness for handicapped communities, and this is demonstrated through their roster of meaningful experiences that aim to foster a sense of community and promote inclusivity. 

Enjoy a blindfolded meal with friends with enhanced senses at Vie Won Won’s ongoing “Darkness Dining Dinners”, which aim to raise awareness for visual impairment through firsthand experience. Alternatively, enjoy a fun-filled evening during their Drag Queen Show, which celebrates the talents of local performers and members of Hong Kong’s LGBTQ+ community. With an expanding list of meticulously curated events and a collection of perfected fusion recipes, Vie Won Won provides an inclusive environment that caters to all.