Michelin Star Restaurants in the Swiss Alps that Transport You Across the World

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Japanese food has become a worldwide phenomenon, with chefs all over the world dedicating their lives to mastering the art. Each meal is different from the last, filled and packed with diverse visual, textural, and flavour details. When you think of authentic Japanese food, you think of the distinguished unique flavours, the melt-in-your-mouth freshest in-season produce, the marvellous techniques used, and the elaborate plating skills.

A dining experience should be a visual one, not just from the standpoint of having the food be beautiful, but also in the use of different colours, shapes, and textures in the dishes used and how the dishes are arranged on the table. Fundamental to it all is the intention of Japanese cuisine to not just appeal to the taste, but also to the eye.

Chef Dietmar Sawyere at The Japanese by The Chedi Andermatt

Introducing award-winning Chef Dietmar Sawyere, who brings a wealth of culinary experience with him from across the globe. He has worked at some of the world’s most exclusive hotels and restaurants, where he honed his skills in incorporating local flavours and ingredients into his menus. Since mastering the art of Japanese cuisine, he now runs two Michelin-starred Japanese restaurants in Chedi Andermatt, namely, The Japanese, and The Japanese by Chedi Andermatt. A highly-coveted Asian dining experience as the restaurants sit in the heart of the Swiss Alps.

Savour the Flavour of Traditional Kaiseki at The Japanese

Located at The Chedi Andermatt, this menu and the atmosphere are accordingly sophisticated, beautifully capturing the authenticity and finesse of a Japanese fine dining experience, like an open sushi and sashimi bar as well as the tempura and teppanyaki counter. This modern take of five-to-ten courses of Kaiseki menus is the perfect balance of taste, texture, form, and colours. For an elevated and authentic experience, fresh fish and an array of sake selections are served. 

Modern Kaiseki-Kappo Menu at The Japanese Restaurant

Lunch with a View at The Japanese by The Chedi Andermatt

A variety of traditional Japanese cuisines placed overlooking the mountain top at The Japanese by The Chedi Andermatt

Embark on a culinary journey at this mountain-top restaurant that is known to be Europe’s highest Japanese restaurant, situated 2,300 meters above sea level. This spectacular restaurant, where bold architecture meets beautiful scenery, offers local produce with Japanese culinary techniques. The menu includes exquisite dishes that convey the finest of the centennial cuisine of Japan, through dashing lunchtime favourites like Shidashi Bento, Omakase Kaiseki and of course, sushi and sashimi specialties. 

Dine High at Restaurant Gütsch by Markus Neff

Another gourmet restaurant at the Andermatt that is most talked about is Gütsch by Markus Neff, which is also situated at 2,300 meters above sea level, on top of a ski slope. This beautiful restaurant that offers both outdoor and indoor seating is run by Chef Markus Neff together with his small and dedicated team. This is what you call fine dining with breathtaking views as it overlooks the village of Andermatt and the Gemsstock ski mountain. 

Restaurant Gütsch by Markus Neff, overlooking the Gemsstock ski mountain

This Michelin-starred restaurant serves homemade cuisine made from scratch and with local, fresh products, from handmade pasta dishes to bread. The dishes are of French haute cuisine but with regional influences. With the concept of “The Valley Low to Mountain High”, Chef Markus Neff focuses on creations that are clear and simple but prepared with passion and respect. It means using everything that the mountains and the valley have to offer, preferably regional and Swiss products, but also everything else if the quality is right. 

A classic tartar dish that is served at Restaurant Gütsch by Markus Neff

About Andermatt Swiss Alps

Located in the heart of Switzerland, Andermatt is a gorgeous village located in the middle of the Swiss Alps. In recent years, Andermatt Swiss Alps has expanded its infrastructure, created attractive opportunities for investors and created new jobs for the entire region.  A true all-year-round destination, Andermatt offers 180 km of groomed pistes, outstanding off-piste skiing, world-famous cycling, an award-winning 18-hole golf course and some 500km of marked hiking trails. A place for those who enjoy an unmatched lifestyle with a 650-seat concert hall, the five-star deluxe hotel The Chedi Andermatt and the four-star superior Radisson Blu Hotel Reussen, three Michelin-starred restaurants and a selection of local and international retailers, all on hand. For more information, visit

About Chef Dietmar Sawyere

Internationally acclaimed and award-winning restaurateur & chef, Dietmar Sawyere, has been a driving force behind the evolution of Australian restaurants and cuisine since he arrived in Melbourne in late 1988. Dietmar has worked at some of the world’s most exclusive hotels and restaurants and honed his skills in incorporating local flavours and ingredients into his menus wherever he has worked. His innovation and expertise have been internationally recognized, garnering numerous awards like ‘Young Chef of The Year 1982’ in the UK, and ‘Chef of The Year’ twice in New Zealand, 1984 & 1985.

Since 2015 he is based in Andermatt, first, as Director Of F&B / Executive Chef for multi-award-winning Gault Millau 2017 Swiss Hotel of The Year, The Chedi Andermatt. Here, he oversaw the entire food and beverage department of the hotel and in the process gained a Michelin Star for his gourmet restaurant, The Japanese. With the Chedi firmly established by 2018, he restarted his consultancy company, Silverfox Hospitality Solutions while remaining “hands-on” running his 1-star Michelin Gourmet restaurant. In the winter of 2019/20, he opened a second Japanese restaurant, The Chedi. The Japanese at Gütsch also received a Michelin star in its first year. Dietmar continues to look for new challenges. In 2022 Gault-Millau Switzerland named Dietmar as “Rising Star of 2022”.