The Datai Langkawi Launches Exclusive Plant-Based Spa Line, Akar

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All-natural, all-organic signature range introduced alongside results-driven treatments from Irish sustainable seaweed-based beauty brand, VOYA

The Datai Langkawi, Malaysia, has launched Akar, an all-natural, all-organic plant-based spa line created exclusively for the resort to provide the massage oils, potions and poultices used in its traditional Malaysian Ramuan treatments. Balancing the inspiration of age-old local healing traditions with contemporary innovations, The Spa at The Datai Langkawi also welcomes a revolutionary range of certified, results-driven facial and body treatments using wild, sustainably hand-harvested seaweed by Irish brand VOYA Organic Beauty. 

Meaning ‘roots’ in Malay, Akar’s formulations are based on Ramuan’s practice of using plant-based ingredients to detoxify, rejuvenate and regenerate. The range comprises three lines, each drawn from one of The Datai Langkawi’s three biomes or habitats – The Rainforest, The Mangrove, and The Sea – and each with distinct properties. The Rainforest products harness a selection of the 15,000 species of local flowering plants, drawing on their healing, restorative, and beautifying properties: champaka for example is known for its antioxidant properties, ylang-ylang can act as an anti-depressant, jasmine is known to be relaxing, nutmeg has pain relieving qualities and aids the digestive system, and cinnamon possesses antiseptic properties.

Products from The Mangrove range incorporate ingredients that have been used for centuries to treat health disorders: mangrove charcoal draws out impurities, pandan is known to lower blood pressure, and black glutinous rice has anti-ageing properties. Finally, The Sea range of products is made with micronutrients taken from the ocean, such as pearl which aids skin rejuvenation and can provide light exfoliation, or seaweed which is moisturising and has anti-ageing qualities.

Recently awarded ‘Sustainable Spa of the Year’ at the World Spa & Wellness Awards, The Spa at The Datai Langkawi offers immersive treatments in the heart of the rainforest, to induce a sensory journey of overall well-being.  Enveloped by the tranquil sights, meditative sounds and subtle scents of the jungle, each secluded spa villa features indoor and outdoor showers, with a spacious river-view soaking bath. Treatments are Ramuan-based, and each commences with a healing mangrove-based foot bath and ends with a cleansing tea. 

Incorporating a selection of rainforest herb-infused oils, Urut Melayu is a full-body, deep-pressure massage involving long kneading strokes to encourage healthy blood flow and an overall sense of well-being. A deeply relaxing treatment, Tungku Batu, meaning ‘heart of stone’, uses stones collected from the resort’s riverbed wrapped together with healing herbs. This blend, used by Malay healers for its ability to reduce pain and increase blood circulation, is heated and applied to muscles and pressure points.

Guests are also invited to complement their wellness treatments at the resort’s The Nature Centre where they can enjoy specially curated teas, made with curative herbs and spices; the Holistic Pavilion with meditation, yoga and Pilates, focusing on the synthesis of natural healing methods, movement and breathing exercises to elicit a sense of wellbeing; or immerse themselves in the traditional Malay ritual of Mandi Embun, translating to ‘forest bathing’, before diving into the refreshing waters of a pristine forest stream.

As well as respecting local healing traditions, The Datai Langkawi reflects Ramuan’s heritage of evolution by striving to continuously innovate and embrace relevant contemporary learnings. In this spirit, The Spa at The Datai Langkawi has also entered a partnership with VOYA that strengthens its commitment to integrating conservation and sustainability into all aspects of its business operations, company ethos and guest experience.

 VOYA treatments combine the expertise of the world’s best cosmetic scientists with a deep knowledge of the therapeutic benefits of its natural marine ingredients.  Sharing a commitment to conserving nature’s beauty, VOYA helps to protect the biodiversity of the west coast of Ireland’s reefs through sustainable and traditional seaweed harvesting practices.

Seaweed has been used as therapy for a variety of skin and rheumatic conditions in Ireland for over 300 years. Naturally absorbing its nourishment from the sea, over 80 per cent of the plant is made up of essential minerals, vitamins, and other bioactive compounds, working as a powerful antioxidant to fight against free radicals that damage cells and DNA.  Knowing that every skin type needs to be treated differently, a specific type of seaweed is carefully selected for each guest. 

 Signature treatments at The Datai Langkawi include the 90-minute Jewel of The Datai, the ultimate facial experience, starting with a relaxing back massage to melt away muscular pain, followed by a hydrating and purifying facial.  A massage and dual-action facial mask follow, utilising the exclusive re-mineralising Laminaria seaweed leaves to deeply hydrate and reinvigorate the skin, helping to reduce wrinkles.  The Waves of Relaxation Seaweed Bath is a unique bathing ritual using the natural power of organic hand-harvested Fucus Serratus seaweed to nourish the skin, increase circulation and promote healing. This experience can also be enjoyed in the privacy of your own room or villa.