Tajikistan Awarded the Prize for Asia’s Most Interesting Hiking Destination

Tajikistan Awarded the Prize for Asia’s Most Interesting Hiking Destination

Tajikistan was awarded the coveted title of Asia’s Most Interesting Hiking Destination Country at the recently concluded Top Asia Corporate Ball 2022/23. The award ceremony recognised the country’s diverse and stunning landscape, which is ideal for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts.

The award was presented to Tajikistan’s ambassador to Malaysia, H.E. Mr Ardasher S. Qodir by YAM Tunku Mariam Zaharah Almarhum Sultan Iskandar in appreciation for the country’s natural beauty. Tajikistan boasts of the Pamir Mountains, which are part of the Himalayas and the tallest mountain range in the world. The region offers a unique blend of culture and natural wonders, attracting tourists from around the world.

For those who desire a dose of adventure in their travels, Tajikistan is a country well worth keeping in view. Hikers will find themselves making their way through majestic mountain passes and around the lip of picturesque lakes. Deserts and icy tundras are yet more of the diverse topographical features that the largely unexplored Central Asian country has to offer.

During the Corporate Ball, six other countries were given recognitions based on the results of recent Top 10 surveys for the categories of: Laos – Asia’s Top Best-Value-For-Money Tourism Country, Thailand – Asia’s Most Tourism Friendly Country, Cambodia – Asia’s Top Tourist Destination Country, Philippines – Asia’s Best Country for Women’s Equality, Maldives – Asia’s Best Country for Resorts and Nepal – Asia’s Best Country for Extreme Sports.

The organisers, Top 10 publications, also honoured 3 outstanding giant brands as well as 3 outstanding giant companies from Malaysia for their impactful sustainability and corporate social responsibility initiatives carried out throughout the nation. They are Carlsberg Malaysia, Kumpulan Perangsang Selangor Berhad, McDonald’s Malaysia, 7-Eleven, Astro Malaysia and KPJ Healthcare.